Pat Travers — Still Snortin’ Whiskey

Pat Travers

Where has vintage rocker Pat Travers been hiding all these years? If you check the discography on his official website you’ll see he’s never gone away, indeed he’s been a busy lad since the classic days of Makin’ Magic and Crash And Burn before most of you reading this were born. Okay, you don’t know the name, try Carmen Appice – no? Sigh.

Put these two old timers together though, and you get a charmingly titled The Balls Album from Cleopatra Records. This is actually a re-release of their 2004 collaboration. You can check out a sample at this link, a cover of Never Gonna Give You Up. Originally called Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up, it was written by the late great Barry White. White was a soul man, but this version ain’t bad.

Travis is no guitar hero, and his band has always had a second lead; in the early days it was Pat Thrall; nowadays it’s Kirk McKim who was born in 1965, so having grown up during music’s greatest era will surely appreciate great music. And if you give it a chance, so will you.

The Pat Travers Band is currently touring the Continental United States, so if you live there, check out his dates. Check out too his famed cover of Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights) – but don’t tell your girlfriend what the song is about – and of course the classic Snortin’ Whiskey, but remember, don’t try this at home.


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