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Police Witch-Hunt Of The High And Mighty Continues

Metropolitan Police

The Sunday tabloids contained reports that the homes of Leon Brittan and Lord Bramall have been searched in connection with allegations of historical sexual abuse. If the name of the latter is not familiar to you, he is Britain’s most decorated soldier. He is also 91 years old and a veteran of the Second World War. Leon Brittan was of course best known as Home Secretary under Margaret Thatcher; he died in January this year, and like Jimmy Savile that made him fair game for any lowlife who crawled out of the woodwork, the gutter or the sewer to besmirch his good name, although in Brittan’s case the accusers appear to have crawled out of the local booby hatch.

The rumours about Leon Brittan actually began way back in the 1980s. If you were around then, you may have heard that he had been arrested in Brighton for sexually abusing a child but had been released after a phone call to one of his protectors in high places. There have been similar rumours about Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, and if you dear reader either become famous, extremely wealthy or involved in national politics, similar rumours may be started about you by someone you have annoyed in the past, or by someone who is simply jealous of your success.

Leon Brittan

Leon Brittan, 2011

Following the scurrilous documentary The Other Side Of Jimmy Savile, we saw literally hundreds of freshly “empowered women”, and a few men, coming forth with allegations against not only Savile but numerous celebrities dating back not simply years but decades. While a handful of these allegations were undoubtedly true, in particular those against both former TV presenter Stuart Hall and the former DJ Chris Denning, most were not, and we have seen some terrible miscarriages of justice, in particular the conviction of Rolf Harris. The case against Max Clifford was in some ways just as scandalous as that against Harris, and even the conviction of Gary Glitter is at best questionable, and that in spite of his previous convictions.

With all these rumours flying around it was perhaps inevitable that Leon Brittan’s name would come to the attention of the police, and in 2012 he was questioned under caution for allegedly raping a woman at his London apartment in 1967! Now though he has been accused of participating in homosexual orgies and being involved in the murder of an underage boy. And the evidence for this? Allegations from a fantasist known only as Nick, whom the police say they find credible.

It is currently claimed that up to three boys were murdered by this mythical paedophile ring, if not at the notorious Elm Guest House or at an address in Dolphin Square then perhaps at Buckingham Palace. We haven’t reached that stage yet, but it will be interesting to see what happens if the Metropolitan Police demand access to the Royal apartments after having received “credible information” that bodies have been buried under the floorboards.

What is driving this insanity? There have been a number of unsolved child murders or disappearances over the decades, and where an allegation of murder has been made as opposed to one of a mere sexual assault it is incumbent of the police to put some effort into establishing either its veracity or falsehood, but the main impetus appears to be coming from the likes of the Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk. And his “inspiration”appears to be his daffy wife Karen, who has accused her own brother of raping her, and guess what, this has prompted two more victims to come forward exhibiting “great courage” to make similar allegations. Mr Danczuk is the author of a biography of his predecessor Cyril Smith, who held the Rochdale seat until 1992. It is claimed not only that Mr Smith was a paedophile but that his abuse of underage boys was covered up by the Thatcher Government, the security services, and Uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all.

Margaret Thatcher may not be everybody’s cup of tea but it is frankly inconceivable that she would have covered up the sexual abuse of the young, especially abuse of a homosexual nature. It is more likely that the allegations against Mr Smith were either shown to be false or dismissed as such. What happens in such cases is that after the investigation the relevant papers are archived or perhaps shredded to protect the good names of the innocent. We have seen this recently with the claims of Satanic abuse that appeared in Hampstead, allegations that were too bizarre even for the Metropolitan Police. They and others have tried to kill this nonsense; among other things, videos uploaded to YouTube have been pulled, but for the gullible, like even the highly intelligent Sabine McNeill, this is proof positive only that the police are controlled by servants of the Devil himself. She has now fled the country, and if she returns will doubtless be arrested for some offence, perhaps contempt of court.

Buckingham Palace

Could the Metropolian Police ever get a warrant to search the Royal apartments at Buckingham Palace?
Image credits: DAVID ILIFF

When will this lunacy end? Perhaps only when the Metropolitan Police do turn up at Buckingham Palace with a warrant to search the Royal apartments, in the meantime, they appear to have set their sights somewhat lower, namely on Cliff Richard.

Also in the meantime, there are real crimes being committed out there, including sex crimes, like the rape and attempted murder of a teenager in Leeds. The police nationwide would be better advised to put a cork on all this ludicrous historical witch-hunting, bring prosecutions for wasting police time against those who make such allegations without supporting evidence, and concentrate on keeping the streets save from real predators, rather than from the ghosts of recently deceased and unnecessarily vilified politicians.


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