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Real Survivors And Fake Survivors In The News

Nothing exposes the phony sexual abuse industry better than the juxtaposition of self-styled “survivors” with genuine victims of sexual abuse. And victims don’t come anymore genuine than the Cleveland Captives, a story so bizarre no Hollywood producer would entertain it, one that beggars belief for the depths of depravity to which its architect sank, and the unbearable suffering these girls, these children, endured.

The Cleveland Captives are back in the news as two of them are interviewed by the BBC, while never out of the news it seems is mattress girl Emma Sulkowicz. The contrasts between these remarkable young women and this airhead rape “survivor” are stark.

Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry

Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry (BBC)

On August 21, 2002, 21 year old Michelle Knight disappeared off the face of the Earth. On April 21, 2003, Amanda Berry did likewise, the day before her 17th birthday. Michelle had had a difficult life; diminutive, standing only 4 foot 7 and the mother of a young son who had been taken from her by the authorities due to her home circumstances. Amanda Berry was initially considered to be a runaway. On the other hand, Gina DeJesus was only 14 when she disappeared April 2, 2004 on her way home from school.

The trail soon went cold on all three missing girls. Any detective worthy of the name would have joined up the dots and figured they had fallen victim to a serial killer. Amanda Berry was even pronounced dead on TV by “psychic” Sylvia Browne.

Happily, that was not the case, but what they suffered can only be described as a living hell. On May 6, 2013, with the help of two public spirited citizens, Amanda Berry escaped from the squalid prison in which she and the other two had been held captive for a decade and more during which time they had been beaten, tortured and raped repeatedly.

The story that unfolded shook the world. Their captor, Ariel Castro, who thankfully committed suicide in his prison cell, had even sired a daughter by Berry, she too having lived in that squalid house on Seymour Avenue.

Ariel Castro

Ariel Castro

Of the three, the frail Michelle Knight had suffered the most, principally from the beatings Castro inflicted on her. Among other things she needed surgery to her face. What she and the other two girls needed most though was kindness, and in a world that produced a monster like Ariel Castro there was also kindness in abundance. All three have of course spoken to the media. You will find in particular interviews with Michelle by talk show host Dr Phil on YouTube, and very emotive they are too.

Introducing their BBC Newsnight interview, presenter Kirsty Wark described their lost decade as “a triumph of the human spirit in the face of evil”, an understatement if ever there was one.

The really striking thing about these women who are from ordinary working class far from privileged backgrounds, is their strength of character; Michelle Knight still looks fragile in spite of her obvious courage, but contrast these three with Emma Sulkowicz, whose problem is not that she was raped but that she is a head case.

In August 2012, Sulkowicz had sex with a fellow student at Columbia University. This was not the first time they’d slept together, so presumably their previous encounters had been enjoyable. This time though they had sex and anal sex. The latter is a favourite of homosexuals, but normal people engage in it occasionally, although short of secretly monitoring the bedrooms of thousands of people for months or years we will never be able to establish how often they do because people often lie about their sexual habits.

Emma Sulkowicz

Emma Sulkowicz (Arun Venugopal)

Whatever, at some point our intrepid art student decided she hadn’t enjoyed this experience as much as she’d hoped, and withdrew her consent. A woman who withdraws consent before having sex can call herself a victim; one who withdraws it afterwards has experienced not rape but buyer’s remorse.

Two days after this rape that never happened, her then lover invited her to his room and asked her to bring a friend or two with her. She accepted that invitation. Relations between the two were still cordial on October 3 when he wished her happy birthday; she responded:

“I love you Paul. Where are you?!?!?!?!”

Months after their last sexual encounter, Emma Sulkowicz accused Paul Nungesser of raping her. Most jurists of reason would consider that under the circumstances, her claim had little if any credibility. There were broadly speaking two versions of what happened that August night, but Nungesser’s version is supported by hard physical evidence, namely the fact that the lady continued to treat him as a friend if not a bedmate for months afterwards, as evinced by the social media trail, while the story told by the “victim” has grown in the retelling, among other things she appears to have attempted to recruit two other students to make allegations of sexual impropriety against him.

To cut a long story short, Sulkowicz was irked by the official response, filed a police complaint and then withdrew it, finally deciding to waltz around campus with a mattress to symbolise her suffering at the hands of the patriarchy’s rape culture, or maybe she thought she was a 21st Century female Jesus.

Now the boot is on the other foot, as after years of innuendo, deciding that sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, Nungesser has filed a lawsuit against the university accusing it of gender-based harassment. Sulkowicz is clearly unhappy with this because it undermines her victim narrative. Recently, she was invited to make a speech at another university, one which she appeared to turn into a philosophical discourse about the nature of truth, which is not too surprising considering she clearly has such a loose grip on reality.

Sulkowicz has the temerity to call herself a survivor when she is really an exhibitionist who has found a ready audience in the gullibles who now make up a substantial percentage of the females processed by American institutions of higher learning, an environment in which the phony narratives of patriarchy, oppression and inequality trump the scientific method or just plain common sense. Can it really be that the average American campus is a more dangerous environment for women than the backstreets of Delhi?

Sulkowicz is comparable with another head case on the other side of the world, Tonya Lee, whose frightened little woman act was one of four that were responsible for trashing the life and reputation of Rolf Harris. Lee claims to have been groped by the former A List entertainer nearly three decades ago when she was a teenager, blaming her train wreck of a personal life on this briefest and flimsiest of sexual assaults, which almost certainly never happened. According to Lee:

“…What Rolf Harris took from me was my self belief and more so the ability to feel safe. I have never felt safe since. I live in a constant state of anxiety”.

It is notable though that she was not too anxious to sell her non-story for a five figure sum. If Sulkowicz doesn’t let this nonsense go she will tread a similar path and end up destroying her life over at worst a triviality, while blaming it on this phantom rape. This while three amazing young women have done the best to move on from their indescribable suffering at the hands of a monster, living proof that as always, empty vessels make most noise.


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    It is easy to falsely accuse men of rape because there exists a powerful cult-like movement that believes anyone who alleges to be a sexual assault victim.

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      Wherever the f— this movement is let us know and we are moving there. Oh I see, you jotted it down at the Salem witch trials.