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Rolf Harris

On March 17, Rolf Harris appeared at a Central London magistrates court where he was formally charged with seven counts of indecent assault, all historical offences. The complainants (notice that important word, complainants, not victims) were aged between 12 and 27 years old at the times of the alleged offences. One woman is blind, suffers from cerebral palsy and had very limited mobility. She was said to have been attacked in 1977. This attack is said to have lasted for around ten minutes.

A lot more could be written in this vein, and undoubtedly a lot more will be written and said when this pantomime is played out at Southwark Crown Court. If you don’t know by now, you are being told that Rolf Harris is a dreadful human being, and although he is now 86 years old and some of his alleged crimes were committed before many of you reading this were born, he should be kept behind bars until he dies.

The spiel from the Clown Prosecution Service, or perhaps that should be Crown Persecution Service, was predictable:

“We have concluded that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest for Mr Harris to be charged with seven counts of indecent assault. The alleged offences date from 1971 to 2004 and relate to seven complainants aged between 12 and 27 at the time of the alleged offending.”

What exactly does that phrase sufficient evidence mean? To answer that question, let us turn to a far more serious matter, that of rape, torture and murder; that is what Harvey Proctor was accused of. Now, after both a lengthy investigation and a scandalous waste of public money, Operation Midland has been closed down. It is conceded that there is not a shred of credible evidence that this VIP paedophile ring ever existed, much less that Proctor, Leon Brittan or Ted Heath ever belonged to it. What is the difference between Harvey Proctor and Rolf Harris, apart from their sexuality? The answer is not a lot, the evidence against both of them is words. Not CCTV, not DNA, not even confessions, but words. Words about events that are alleged to have happened years and decades ago. So why has Harris been charged while Proctor has been cleared? The answer is that even the imbeciles who control our criminal justice system have their limits. While they are prepared to charge a man with indecent assault or even rape on the basis of words uttered years and decades later, they are not prepared to charge someone with murder on the same basis, because even English juries like the one that convicted Harris two years ago are not that dumb.

Having said that, there is another difference, the crimes alleged against Harvey Proctor were said to have taken place in private, like most sex crimes, which is what makes rape cases so difficult for both victims seeking justice and innocent men protesting their innocence. The crimes alleged against Harris however, are by and large said to have been committed in public, in full view of other people who did nothing, didn’t even notice. The late Jimmy Savile has now been accused of committing hundreds of such crimes, yet again, no one saw him. Although allegations were made against Savile in his lifetime, these were shown to be either spurious or simply rumours, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, even if she is a High Court judge. So what is going on here? Can Harris really have committed all these crimes and no one noticed? To answer that question we must go back in time.

On October 27, 1941, at Leesburg in the American Deep South, Samuel Legions was said to have raped Mrs Viola Miller in her own home. He was convicted. At that time, rape was capital, at least in this instance, because Legions was black and Mrs Miller was white. Most blacks – those who were neither rich nor famous like whiner Spike Lee – were second class citizens in that time and place, so one would have expected Legions to have been sent to the electric chair.

That may have been what the crackers expected and wanted, but superior court judges are made of different stuff. Mrs Miller was allegedly raped in the presence of her husband, so this second class citizen had not one but two white witnesses against him, yet on January 18, 1943, the Supreme Court of Virginia quashed his conviction in the following words:

“…we are mindful of the force of a jury’s verdict, approved by the trial court, but we have said time and again that we are not required to believe that which we know from human experience is inherently incredible. ‘What we know as men we are not required to forget as judges.’”

The full judgment can be found here. The reader is invited to read between the lines as to what actually happened, but bearing in mind once again that this was the Deep South; for an appellate court to reverse a jury verdict in a capital case in which the accused was a Negro, the real evidence must have indicated that both Viola Miller and her husband were lying. As far as can be ascertained, there has been only one such case in England, Rex v Wallace, (1931) in which a murder conviction was quashed by the then Court of Criminal Appeal.

Clearly, the British police and the Crown Prosecution Service have forgotten as state officials what they learned as men. And as women. These offences with which Harris has been charged were not reported at the time, were not seen by anyone at the time, because they never happened at the time, rather they happened years and decades later in the sick brains of his accusers.

Let’s look at three of these accusers: Wendy Wild (formerly Wendy Sowerby) claimed to have been sexually assaulted at a kid’s disco held at a community centre in 1969 or 1970. There is no evidence that Harris was even there. She was queuing for an autograph when the offence happened, in front of people who were waiting with their own kids to be subjected to the same treatment. No report was made for decades. This woman is either lying or insane, quite likely both. She claims this momentary assault ruined her life. Tell that to the Cleveland captives.

Tonya Lee claims to have been sexually assaulted by Harris in front of other people in a London public house. No one has called out this shameless liar.

Max Clifford

Max Clifford – arrogant, but innocent

An anonymous woman claims he sexually assaulted her at Cambridge in public when she was a teenager. Again, no one saw it and she didn’t report it at the time. And Harris is not the only one, take former publicist Max Clifford. While most of the allegations made against him were said to have been committed in private, one stands out, it was an offence with which he was not charged because it was said to have happened in Spain; in reality, it was thrown in simply to blacken his character. He was said to have induced a 12 year old girl to masturbate him in a Jacuzzi while he was on holiday with his disabled daughter. Louise Clifford is one of the few people to stand by her father, because she was there and knows what garbage this allegation from 1983 is. Ask yourself this, a grown man is sharing a Jacuzzi with an underage girl who is not his daughter. Did no one notice? Why didn’t the girl cry out? Why didn’t she tell her parents? Because this gross sexual assault happened only in her tiny mind three decades later, that’s why. Max Clifford is known to be an arrogant man, but was any paedophile so arrogant so as to believe he could have carried out a crime as brazen as that and not be brought immediately to book?

Louise Clifford

Louise Clifford – the loyal daughter who knows the truth

One more case will suffice, although he was not a celebrity in the same sense as Rolf Harris, Philip Pickett was a world renowned classical musician. After the Savile hysteria broke, a woman came forward claiming she had been raped by Pickett at the Guildhall School of Music in 1978, when she was sixteen. Then another woman came forward with a similar claim. It is possible indeed likely that Pickett had improper sexual liaisons with some of his students; at the time he was relatively young as well as handsome and charismatic, but the claim that he raped teenagers in soundproof rooms who were too intimidated or afraid to report him – fearing they would not be believed is the usual gambit – beggars belief. If a rape victim won’t be believed when she has torn clothing, bruising on her lower body and a vagina full of semen, when will she be believed? Clearly neither of these victims was bruised, neither was their clothing torn, which means if they did have sex with Pickett, these encounters were consensual, improper or not. Pickett is now serving an 11 year sentence. Incidentally, the detective in charge of the investigation into Pickett was Maria Woodall, a woman for whom the truth is a stranger, as her gratuitous lying at the Bellfield trial proved. After Pickett’s conviction, she appealed for more victims to come forward.

Philip Pickett

Philip Pickett – how likely is it that he raped his students in soundproof rooms and counted on them keeping silent? ( Photo: City of London Police)

Fortunately for him, none seem to, at least no credible ones, but is credibility really an issue when a man can be convicted solely by dint of an allegation by some duplicitous or demented female decades after she never met him? The liars and fantasists who accused Harvey Proctor were men, so this is not a sex issue, but in a way he was lucky he was accused of murder, because had he been accused merely of indecent assault, he would quite likely be sharing a cell with Rolf Harris now.

When Vera Baird QC appeared on the BBC news, February 16, she actually mentioned the conviction of Rolf Harris in the same breath as the discontinuance of the non-case against the now deceased Leon Brittan saying that this conviction gave victims the courage to come forward. It’s a wonder she didn’t choke on her words.

George L. Browning

Judge George L. Browning of the Supreme Court of Virginia who delivered the opinion in Legions v Commonwealth, (1943)

If you are not familiar with the phrase crimen exceptum, it is one that dates from the era of witch-hunting, an era that has returned with a vengeance, only this time it is the witches who are doing the hunting; let’s not talk about Gloria Allred, but let us stay on the other side of the Atlantic and return to the aforementioned capital case. In 1943, bucking popular opinion, Judge Browning delivered justice to Samuel Legions by stating the obvious, the evidence against him was inherently incredible and unworthy of belief. So is the evidence against Rolf Harris, Max Clifford, Philip Pickett, and numerous other victims of these media witch-hunts and police trawling operations. Is it too much to ask that a white celebrity in 2016 receive the kind of justice a member of the black underclass received in the Deep South over half a century ago?

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