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Simon Danczuk Hoist With His Own Petard

Labour MP Simon Danczuk has been in the forefront of the historical child sexual abuse witch-hunt for the past few years, and has been actively tarnishing the reputations of politicians alive and dead, including the now recently deceased Leon Brittan. Alas, the tables have been turned on him, and, surprise, surprise, he doesn’t like it.

In November 2012, Danczuk published a book which purports to expose the perverted sexual practices of his predecessor Cyril Smith, who held the Rochdale seat until 1992. According to him and his co-author Matthew Baker, Smith was a paedophile who abused young boys on an industrial scale.

Unlike the allegations made against for example celebrities Cliff Richard and Paul Gambaccini, there is credible contemporaneous evidence that Smith fondled and gratuitously “disciplined” vulnerable underage boys. Greater Manchester Police confirmed that an investigation in 1969 led to a file being sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (this was before the formation of the Crown Prosecution Service). For whatever reason, the DPP (then Sir Norman Skelhorn), decided to take no further action, even though no fewer than eight boys appear to have made broadly similar allegations against Smith.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

Eight accusers is strong prima facie evidence of wrongdoing, but recently Bill Cosby faced 58 accusers! Now, the authorities have tacitly admitted that at least one of them – Chloe Goins – is a brazen liar, and those who have done serious research on the case realise the other 57 are hardly any more credible. We have seen this sort of thing in the UK, again with both Operation Yewtree (Gambaccini and others) and also with the trawling of children’s homes. Unless and until the papers are put in the public domain, we will be able only to guess at the veracity of the allegations against Smith.

The National Archives catalogue has around 90 files for the search term “Cyril Smith”

Cyril Smith

Cyril Smith speaking at the UK Liberal Party Assembly in 1987
(Image credits: Rodhullandemu)

for the relevant time period, but most do not concern the late Rochdale MP. There is though a file relating to a libel action (in which he was a defendant) and, interestingly, one relating to an inquiry by Smith into the activities of the BBC in relation to MPs. This is for the period 1976-8; without studying the content it is difficult to know if Smith ruffled a few feathers with the media, if he did, then these subsequent allegations could be payback.

Simon Danczuk’s interest in Cyril Smith’s alleged sexual depravity appears to be very recent, because in 2011 he attended the unveiling of a plaque dedicated to Smith at Rochdale Town Hall. At that time, nobody had a bad word to say about Smith. Shades of Jimmy Savile? Although Smith has not been subjected to the same posthumous lynching as the DJ, claims about him have mushroomed; the BBC and Mr Danczuk have been in the forefront of spreading the most ludicrous stories about him including that he was arrested in London but released on orders from above. Some have claimed he frequented the notorious Elm Guest House. None of these claims have been shown to be credible, but conspiracy cranks and even the Iranian PressTV channel have been lapping them up.

There are always problems with historical allegations because much of the time they are impossible to refute. Mr Danczuk may shortly find he has the same problem because he is now himself facing an historical rape allegation. Okay Simon, prove you didn’t do it!

The identity of the complainant has not been revealed, and under UK law she (assuming it is a she!) is entitled to anonymity. Let us then begin a new paragraph.

His first wife Sonia Rossington has made a number of allegations against him recently, including that he was a bad father. Perhaps surprisingly, his second wife (who is a regular head case) has leapt to his defence. Birds of a feather?

Then he landed himself in hot water for sending an explicit text to a seventeen year old, which has resulted in his latest girlfriend dumping him. There is nothing illegal in sexting a 17 year old, but for a Member of Parliament this is clearly unprofessional, not to mention stupid. Doesn’t the guy realise he is a sitting duck for this sort of thing, even without entrapment operations by the tabloid press?

His latest problem though has been caused by what is clearly his second love – his first being “younger women”. He has been accused of lining his pockets with cash from a photographic agency, something which again is totally legal (as he has declared it) but is this the sort of self-promotion and shenanigans one should expect from an honourable member?

In view of all the above, Mr Danczuk would be well advised to keep a low profile for at least the next few months, even when he is serving his constituents. He would also be well advised to learn something about the frailty of human testimony, because now he has seen from both sides how easy it is for people to throw mud at the innocent, and how difficult it is for even the totally innocent to convince others there is no smoke without fire.


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Alexander Baron

  • Andrew_S_Hatton

    There is other very credible stuff about Cyril Smith – I do not remember the detail in terms of date, location and precise circumstance but it related to Smith’s behaviour towards the child of a Liberal or SDP member/worker at an election in the Manchester area in either late 79, 80 or 81. The worker threw Smith out of his home and reported the issues to at least the central office of the Liberals.

    I do not know if he informed the police but it was enough to convince that me the report had merit, because it was a first hand report with timely references, that seemed genuine, though obviously the report itself could have been completely falsified, but I considered that unlikely from what I read about it during the last year, but too long ago to recall precisely where I saw it on the Internet.

  • Danczuk has been a idiot but he is being targeted with a honeytrap