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Son Of Sam And The End Of Ultimate Evil

David Berkowitz

If you haven’’t heard of Son of Sam, it must be because you are both too young to remember him and are not a crime buff. Although he murdered only six people, David Berkowitz has achieved a notoriety out of all proportion when one considers the death toll of many of his ilk. Berkowitz is currently being held at the Sullivan Correctional Facility in New York State. He has been back in the news recently, sort of. But first a recap.

Born in 1953, he was adopted by Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz as a baby, their only child, and became a Mummy’’s boy. His first victim was his mother’’s parakeet, which he poisoned, apparently because he saw it as a rival for her affection. Like Lee Harvey Oswald, Berkowitz joined the army where he learned to shoot, and after his discharge eked out a living by working a series of menial jobs. Unlike Oswald he wasn’’t particularly bright, and never married; it remains to be seen if he ever had a girlfriend much less sex with a woman. His first human victim was a 14 year old girl whom he attacked with a knife; she managed to fight him off, although quite badly wounded. After that he would only ever use a gun, seeking out his victims in the most cowardly fashion, and taunting the police with letters.

Because his killings were conducted over a fairly small geographical area, he was always going to be caught, the only question was when? That was August 10, 1977. On July 10, 1979, Berkowitz was attacked in Attica Prison. His throat was slashed and required 60 stitches, but unfortunately he survived. The man who inflicted that wound on him was career criminal William E. Hauser, who is now serving a life sentence himself, for the 1990 murder of a man during a robbery. Last month, Hauser was denied parole.

In September last year, former New York detective Joseph Coffey died at the age of 77; he worked the Son of Sam case, and said Berkowitz gave him the worst day of his life. Of more interest though is the death of Maury Terry, the author of the 1987 book The Ultimate Evil. Terry died December 10 last year, but his death has not exactly been broadcast to the world. If you take a gander at his book, you will understand why. It is one thing to suggest Berkowitz may not have been responsible for all the murders credited to him, or that he committed other murders, or even that he did not always act alone; it is another thing entirely to suggest that there was some sort of conspiratorial connection between Berkowitz and Charles Manson, or that there were (and by inference are) secret networks of wealthy Satanists operating in the United States who not only murder people as part of their rituals but sexually abuse corpses in select Manhattan funeral parlours.

If you do read Terry’’s book, don’’t join up too many dots like he and all conspiratards do; if this network really did exist, if it could, we would all have been either dead or totally enslaved long ago.


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