Super Bowl Commercials of 2015

Super Bowl

Super Bowl 2015 ( also named Super Bowl XLIX ) is over, but ads that where featured during this event will stay and a lot of companies put great efforts that their gets the most attention. The broadcast that could be seen via NBC broke the last years record for the most-watched program in American television history, previous record was set during the last years Super Bowl. The game was seen by an estimate average of 114.4 million viewers, with it reaching around 118.5 million during the Super Bowl XLIX half-time show that featured performance by Katy Perry and then even went to 120.8 million during New England’s fourth-quarter comeback. If you missed commercials here are videos that you can watch:

Budweiser Ad – “Lost Dog”

Coca-Cola Ad “Make It Happy”

Esurance Ad – “Same My Name”

Loctite Ad – “Positive Feelings”

Clash of Clans Ad – “Angry Neeson”

Dove Men Ad – “Real Strength”

Snickers Ad – “The Brady Bunch”

Nationwide Ad – “Invisible”

World News Videos | ABC World News

Avocados from Mexico Ad – “First Draft Ever”

T-Mobile Ad – “One-Upped”

T-Mobile Ad – “Kim Kardashian”

Nationwide Ad – “Make Safe Happen”

Doritos Ad – “Middle Seat”

Wix Ad – “It’s That Easy”

Bud Light Ad – “Real Life PacMan”

Nissan Ad – ” With Dad”

BMW Ad – “Newfangled Idea”

GoDaddy Ad – “Working”

Budweiser Ad – “Brewed The Hard Way”

Fiat Ad – “Blue Pill”

Squarespace Ad – “Dreaming with Jeff”

Microsoft Ad – “Braylon O’Neill”

Always Ad – “Like a Girl”

Dodge Ad – “Wisdom”

Toyota Ad – “My Bold Dad”

Doritos Ad – “When Pigs Fly”



And which commercial was your favourite?

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