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Zika Virus Associated With New Type Of Brain Disease

By Tim Sandle

Rates of Zika virus have been increasing in many countries, with infection primarily through mosquito bites. The disease is associated with several ill-health effects. To add to those previously reported, an association with a new autoimmune disorder has been reported.   Zika virus is a member of the Flaviviridae virus family. In most people, the […]


Using Mice To Predict Zika Infection In People

By Tim Sandle

In order to assess the risks of Zika virus in people, researchers are using a mouse based animal mo to predict why some people develop symptoms and others do not (Zika is symptomatic in one in four people); over, the research attempts to understand what is happening with babies. It is hoped the insight can […]


Canine Influenza Also Affects Cats

By Tim Sandle

The viral infection, known as canine influenza, has been shown to affects cats. An outbreak at a medical center in Midwestern U.S. has confirmed the inter-species transmission. Infected animals show the ‘flu like’ symptoms of a persistent cough, runny nose and fever. The confirmation that the virus, a concern for pet owners, is worrying […]


Tracking Your Travel History Thanks To Viruses

By Tim Sandle

Researchers think it is possible to track the global movements of an individual by examining the viral load of people. This is possible, a new study indicates, through the characterisation of the genomes of two different strains of the herpes simplex virus type 1 (the virus responsible for cold sores). The reason for selecting this […]


Potential Henipavirus Drug Target Identified

By Tim Sandle

Scientists have identified a screening method for the genes that are essential for live henipavirus infection of human cells. This research has identified a specific cell protein called fibrillarin. This protein could be a target for drugs against henipaviruses, and could help people who have contracted this virus. In various countries, particularly the U.S., henipavirus […]


Lighting Up Disease Carrying Mosquitoes

By Tim Sandle

A scientist has devised a simple technique for detecting genetic material from West Nile and chikungunya virus in samples, taken from mosquitoes. To help in the battle against disease carrying mosquitoes, Dr. Robert Meagher, of Sandia National Laboratories, has devised a new method for simultaneously detecting a range of mosquito-borne diseases, such as malaria. To […]


Will the US Resume Hazardous Virus Experiments?

By Tim Sandle

Scientists and policy makers are discussing whether studies that have the potential to create virulent and transmissible forms of viruses should be allowed to recommence in the US. Such studies, due to the fear of a virus being released into the community, have been suspended for a couple of years. Selective experiments on viruses, like […]


New Antibody Treatment For Avian Flu

By Tim Sandle

Scientists from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center have isolated human antibodies against a specific type of bird flu (H7N9 strain). This type of bird flu has killed in excess of 200 people in China since 2012. The influenza poses a risk for the future, in terms of a pandemic threat. Avian flu, according to the […]


Tackling Zika By Altering Mosquito Mating Patterns

By Tim Sandle

Scientists are considering attempting to influence mosquito mating patterns in a bid to slowdown the spread of Zika virus disease. The viral disease has been known of since it was discovered in Uganda in 1947. However, it is only in the past year that the disease has become one of global concern. As reported previously […]


Genetically Modified Mosquitoes To Be Tested in Florida

By Tim Sandle

As a consequence of the Zika virus threat, a British-based biotechnology company is to begin tests on a genetically modified Aedes aegypti mosquito, designed to try to stop transmission of the disease. The idea is to use a mosquito that has been genetically modified male mosquito that, when it breeds with females, produces offspring that […]

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