Teal Deer And Teal Swan

Teal Deer and Teal Swan

If you are not familiar with the phase teal deer, it is usually spelt “tl;dr”, and means “Too long; Didn’t read.” There is a YouTuber called Teal Deer, he spells his name TL;DR, and although he has been uploading videos since only September of last year, currently he has over 88,000 subscribers. Most, but not all of his videos are concerned with deconstructing feminist nonsense.

In this short video published late last month he slaps down Melissa Harris-Perry, one of those airhead feminist academics who sees privilege everywhere, except her own.

Teal Deer

Teal ‘tl;dr’ Deer logo (YouTube)

Most of his videos are longer, some quite a bit longer, but they are thoroughly researched and often delivered with biting humour.

At the other end of the spectrum is Teal Swan, who in less than five years has racked up over a quarter of a million subscribers. That number is very impressive, and the lady is certainly attractive, bearing a striking facial resemblance to fetish model Tomiko Madoff, but that is as far as her attraction goes.

Teal Swan calls herself the spiritual catalyst. She has uploaded a great many videos, and if for no other reason than it is difficult for even total idiots to talk gibberish all the time, you will doubtless find a few pearls of wisdom among them, but when you hear what she claims she went through as a child, you will probably come to one of two conclusions: she is a total con artist, or a deeply troubled, delusional woman.

Teal Swan has her own website from which she dispenses her particular brand of New Age wisdom. Fortunately, there are several people out there who have been documenting her bizarre claims about Satanic ritual abuse and other nonsense. Here is one such offering.

Teal Swan

Teal Swan (YouTube)

On November 15 she will be in Paris for a workshop at $110.00 per head. In January next year she will be holding three workshops Down Under – two in Australia and one in New Zealand. People can also attend on-line for a very much reduced fee, so if you have $11.00 to spare, why not treat yourself to a chicken dinner and a bottle of plonk? You deserve it; Teal Swan does not.

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