Terminal Poker To Be…Terminated


The world of on-line poker is set to lose another player. Terminal Poker is both a relatively new site and quite a small one. It offers – or offered – a limited range of games in addition to the usual no limit hold ’em. Although people are still playing on the site (at the time of writing), it is set to migrate to pokerLoco.

terminal poker

Terminal Poker – one of the smaller gaming sites, and soon to bite the dust

This will be the Nth poker room closure since the Black Friday domain seizures.

Elsewhere, life goes on. Party Poker is offering something called the Powerfest, not an entirely new idea, it has to be said. This is a four week series of tournaments with progressively higher buy-ins. Week 1 is $5.50 to $11.00; week 4 is $530 to $5,200. Clearly not everyone is affected by austerity.

The slimmed down Full Tilt Poker is offering something similar without the massive buy-ins, but with a great deal more variety: FTOPS XXIX begins on Sunday.


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