The Absurd Sagging Pants Law

Sagging Pants

What does an American police officer see when he sees a young black man on the street: a thug, a drug dealer, a gangsta? That’s what we used to think, but apparently what he really sees is a cash cow. Have you heard of the sagging pants law? This is a local ordinance that is used by police in the Deep South to help fund municipal budgets. It was explained to Reggie Yates, a black journalist from the BBC, when he visited a lawyer in Ferguson, Missouri.

A similar ordinance was enacted in Flint, Michigan, seven years ago, ostensibly to crack down on indecency. Fair enough, if people are exposing their private parts on the streets, there is a public decency angle, but this is covered by existing laws.

Last year, the City of Ocala, Florida decided to reverse a similar ordinance, although the question should be asked, at what point is the ACLU going to step in and take this nonsense to the Supreme Court?

Having said that, there may be another way to discourage young men from showing more than they should of themselves on the street. Apparently, wearing your trousers too low can cause serious medical problems, by interfering with the blood flow, and by constricting the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve of thigh.


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