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The British Campaign Group Takes On The Banks


On Saturday, February 13, the British Campaign Group – organised by Roger Hayes, founder of the British Constitution Group – is holding a meeting in Liverpool, the aim of which is to eventually overthrow the corrupt, debt-based money system. This will be of particular interest to anyone who has a mortgage. Did you know that when a bank advances you money it is not actually lending it but facilitating credit? This action was explained by the great Major Douglas in his classic book The Monopoly Of Credit at pages 13-4. (free download from this page).

Even today it is widely believed that banks lend money, but this is not the case and indeed has never been so since the introduction of banknotes. If they don’t actually lend the stuff, then why should they be able to charge interest on it? In Islam, interest – or riba as it is known – is prohibited absolutely, in theory at any rate.

The main reason the national debt is so high is because instead of acknowledging this reality, the UK Government and indeed all governments continue to play the banksters’ game.

Why do they do this? Either it is an enormous conspiracy, or they are all on the take. A third reason is that they are wilfully blind. Whatever, it is ordinary people and especially those at the bottom of society who pay the price for this perfidy when services and benefits are cut. If like most people in the UK and elsewhere you are unable to attend the British Campaign Group meeting, do check out their website, the Social Credit archive, and alternatives to usury, including Universal Basic Income.


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