The Faerie Queen At 44

Candice Night

Last month, the actress Sandra Bullock was named the World’s Most Beautiful Woman by an American magazine. Miss Bullock is in great shape for a woman of 50, and a genuinely nice person; she is humble too, because she laughed it off. There is though one woman some would say has an even greater claim to that accolade.

Candice 1997

Candice on stage in 1997

In 1989, Candice Night was a teenage music fan when she met the already legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore at a charity football match in New York. In spite of their age difference, she would go on to become Mrs Ritchie Blackmore – after a 14 year engagement! They started working together in the early 1990s, at one point Candice was singing backing vocals for his band Deep Purple, but when Ritchie decided he wanted a change of direction, Candice went with him.

Candice Cartouche 2004

Golden girl Candice performing Cartouche in 2004

It isn’t difficult to understand what he saw in her, stunningly attractive, soft spoken, and as time has shown, a formidable musical talent in her own right. They went on to forge a new musical genre, recording critically acclaimed albums and building an international following. Candice is lead vocalist and lyricist for the band. A multi-instrumentalist and occasional songwriter, four years ago she released a solo album of her own material.

Candice Flute 2004

Candice performing in 2004 for Castles & Dreams

In 2010, she gave birth to their daughter Autumn, and in February 2012 her son; Ritchie already has a son by his first marriage, who was born nearly half a century earlier! Last month Ritchie celebrated his 70th birthday; on May 8, Candice celebrated her 44th, and difficult though it is to believe, beautiful as she was when Blackmore’s Night was formed, she is even lovelier today.

Candice Paris 2006

Candice performing in Paris, 2006

In 2006, Blackmore’s Night recorded a song called Faerie Queen, which is what she truly is. Like her husband, she says she would rather live in the Mediaeval world than the modern one, but only with central heating and all mod cons, something many people forget about when they dream of a mythical golden age in the distant past. Her compromise is to live in a castle, and she really does dress like that much of the time. When most men fantasise about women, they mentally undress them, but a girl who has this much class looks great however she dresses.

Candice Chicago 2009

Ritchie Blackmore can be seen playing acoustic guitar behind and to her left. 2009

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Candice, though no one could blame her for sitting back and enjoying family life for at least awhile. In July though, she and Ritchie will be on tour in Europe, mostly in Germany. So if you want to see a real life Faerie Queen in the flesh…

Candice 2013

The Faerie Queen is now a proud mother of two: daughter Autumn Esmeralda was born in 2010 and son Rory Dartanyan in 2012

The following subjective list makes up the top ten tracks from Candice Night:

10 Dangerous Smile – from her solo album, a solo composition in an alien style showing the lady can do it all.
9 Shadow Of The Moon – the song that introduced Blackmore’s Night to the world; they haven’t looked back since.
8 Village On The Sand – the live version is best.
7 Ghost Of A Rose – a tribute song to the tragic Jacqueline du Pré. Quite beautiful.
6 The Clock Ticks On – a Mediaeval melody adapted by Ritchie with lyrics by Candice; the second track from their debut album.
5 Just Call My Name (I’ll Be There) – co-written with Ritchie as ever, and there is no doubt of whom she was thinking here.
4 The Storm – another original song, one that combines old style music with hard rock.
3 I Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore – an original song about a modern ghost story.
2 The Circle – an original song from the 2008 Secret Voyage album – the live version is even better.
1 Locked Within The Crystal Ball – a great track live but the studio version is truly awesome; Candice plays shawm on this. The song is based on the 14th Century chant Stellar Splendens.

Blackmore's Night 2015

A Blackmore’s Night poster advertising the current tour.


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