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Tigre Hill

When no black actors or actresses were nominated for Academy Awards, the resulting bout of whining was predictable. Oppressed minority member Spike Lee (estimated net worth $40 million) said he planned to boycott the Oscars, so did Jada Pinkett Smith (net worth with her husband $240 million), as did LaTanya Richardson Jackson (net worth a mere $10 million) – check your privilege, ladies.

One talented black film-maker who won’t be winning an Academy Award any time soon is Tigre Hill, primarily because his forte is documentaries, but if he is ever nominated for any sort of award from the black elite, it will be the day after Hell freezes over.

Hill doesn’t have that many films to his credit, but in 2006 he hit the headlines with The Shame Of A City, which is said to document corruption in Philadelphia politics. This went down very well, but his next film made the mistake of being too honest; The Barrel Of A Gun documents the murder of police officer Daniel Faulkner by a self-styled revolutionary, Mumia Abu-Jamal. With the exception of CCTV evidence and a signed confession, the case against Abu-Jamal was and is about as watertight as any murder conviction could be. It remains to be seen if this crime warrants the death penalty; Harry Roberts, whose crime was far, far worse than Abu-Jamal’s almost spur of the moment killing, was paroled, albeit after nearly half a century more or less continuously behind bars. Abu-Jamal’s death sentence has now been taken off the table permanently, and he is rotting in darkness, but in 2010 when The Barrel Of A Gun was released, there was still a possibility that he could be executed.

When Hill concluded that Abu-Jamal had indeed fired the fatal shots, he went from local hero to Uncle Tom overnight, and has become something of a hate figure for the black so-called radicals and their braindead white leftwing fellow travellers. Currently, Hill has two films in production: The Corrupt And The Dead and American Zealot. The latter also has a Philadelphia connection, but The Corrupt And The Dead is about that great American entrepreneur Al Capone. Hopefully it will show that much maligned individual in a new light.

Hill’s other interests include Frank Sinatra and Bruce Lee, which begs the question, will he at some point make a musical biopic of the kung fu star?

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