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The Great Slayer Of Young Women In London

If you thought this was some depraved individual like the Grim Sleeper, think again. More young women, more women per se, meet their deaths on the roads than at the hands of serial killers. That fact is probably nowhere near as alarming as it sounds considering how many people die on our roads every year, but one really shocking statistic is that between August 2011 and June this year, 16 female cyclists died on London’s roads, and every one of those deaths was as the result of an incident involving a lorry. As statistical correlations go, that one is damning.

The purported reason for this carnage is every bit as controversial as the statistics are horrific; you can read the discussion here and form your own opinion.

Next Friday, the City of London is holding a special event to promote cycling safety for women. Present will be Crispin Sinclair, who is said to be the designer of the world’s safest bicycle. If that name doesn’t sound familiar, he is the son of the famous inventor Sir Clive Sinclair. You might like to check out his website in the meantime.



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