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The Green Party’s “Other” Policies


The Green Party has called in its election manifesto for the implementation of Basic Income. This is an excellent start; unfortunately that and its opposition to fracking are about the only things in its 83 page manifesto that are good. If the Greens were elected, and if they implemented or tried to implement their other policies, the result would be disaster for both the economy and for society in general. You think this is an exaggeration? Check out its policies on equality and diversity – so-called – from page 25.

General Election Manifesto 2015

Cover of the Green Party’s general election manifesto 2015

The Party wants to treat everyone equally and fairly, that sounds good in theory, but equality and fairness are not necessarily the same thing, that is why we have provisions like the Infanticide Act, guide dogs only rules, and so on.

The Greens want to reinstate funding for the misnamed Equality and Human Rights Commission, something even Trevor Phillips has given up on because equality of opportunity and equality of outcome are two entirely different things.

They want to make equality and diversity lessons mandatory in all schools from the first year. That will go down well with Orthodox Jews and most Moslems. Not. Imagine what your local imam will say if he is required by law to teach young boys that two men sharing a cubicle in the local public toilet is every bit as halal as an arranged marriage.

The Greens want to continue to tackle institutional racism; as no such entity exists, that will be a little difficult, most people – white as well as black – will settle for the police refraining from shooting them in the back as happened recently to the tragic Walter Scott on the other side of The Pond.

The Greens want effective action taken to prevent discrimination against people with disabilities. Hmm, so blind people can train as pilots, and paraplegics as doormen, or should that be doorpersons?

There is a lot more where that came from, but don’t let’s discuss homosexual asylum seekers or the chimera of sexism. Well, just a bit, “Women make up fewer that a quarter of MPs” we are told. And who voted for the other three-quarters? Seriously, do these people understand anything?

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