Want A Foot Tanner? The Weirdest Gadgets Ever Invented

We live in a world in which every single day we are bombarded with new innovative gadgets and other tech devices. Some of them are pretty awesome, while others, well we don’t even know how they got patented and put on the shelves.

We have collected here some pretty weird and some even useless gadgets that are probably made just for laughs.

1. iTypewriter


Good ol’ typewriter days are back with this iTypewriter gadget to get you a feel of a real typewriter.

2. Laptop Steering Wheel

Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

Who said you can’t write and drive? Do some work while you drive to your work, but try not to run someone over.

3. Subway Chin Rest

Subway Chin Rest

We are really not surprised about this one and where it came from. If someone has a neck for innovative TV shows and gadgets we can say that the Japanese have the upper hand, although looking at this for the first time you could say it’s looking more like a suicide gadget.

4. Remote Wrangler

Remote Wrangler

We all have problems locating our remote controls. Some are on the couch or floor, some you leave on a kitchen table when in the middle of the commercials you go and grab some snacks. But with this “Remote Wrangler” you can strap all of them on your head. Then you might have another problem, how do you know which one you need to grab?

5. Potato Grilling Rack

Potato Grilling Rack

This seems just a waste of good metal and totally unnecessary – flipping it over also seems like a real pain (if it doesn’t fall apart).

6. Foot Tanner

Foot Tanner

For the price of it you could probably get a full body tanning treatment for a few years and how would that tanning even look? Like you have brown socks on all the time.

7. Useless Box

Useless Box

Well the name says it all – but who could blame them? At least they are straightforward.

8. Privacy Scarf


Everybody loves privacy, but seeing someone like this in an office just calls for some prank to do.

9. Fish Walker

Fish Walker

It’s nice sunny Sunday, great day to walk your pet. But what if your pet is a goldfish? No worries this invention will help your fish to get some natural vitamin D.

10. USB Pet Rock

USB Pet Rock

For all the people who don’t like to have animals as pets, here is a great gadget you can plug in your laptop – a USB pet rock.

11. Cool Breeze Air-Conditioned Shoes

Cool Breeze Air Conditioned Shoes

These shoes fancy an advanced filter technology to keep your feet dry and odor-free – but having an “AC unit” in shoes and wearing them in a business meeting would send a weird message.

12. Chopstick Fan

Chopstick Fan

Why blow to cool off your food when a fancy chopstick fan can do it for?

13. Motorised Ice Cream Cone


This seems useful only if you have broken both of your wrists and can’t turn the cone around.

14. Eye-drop Glasses

Eyedrop Glasses

If you are having trouble getting eye-drops in your eyes these glasses will help you but this just screams for additional infections or getting in to much.

15. Solar Cigarette Lighter

Solar Lighter

Don’t have a lighter in your pocket and want to light your cigarette? Why not wait for some sun rays and a few minutes and light it with this solar cigarette lighter.

Which of these gadgets seems most useless (useful) to you? Comment in the section below.

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