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The Quest for the Perfect Caffeine Experience: Top Must-Have Coffee Accessories at Home

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When you’re purchasing top-of-the-line products for your own home coffee counter, you tend to overlook buying the right type of accessories which should come along with your expensive espresso machines and coffee makersMost of us think they’re not that important in creating a good cup of coffee or a powerful espresso shot, but we are wrong.
The accessories we use with our primary coffee and espresso makers make a big difference in the quality of the coffee that we produce at home.
It is therefore wise to invest in coffee maker and espresso machine accessories which are clearly important in creating the perfect caffeine experience for you and the rest of your family every single time.

Here is a list of accessories which play their respective crucial roles in producing coffee and espresso. Some of them might be too pricey, considering that they’re just mere gadgets and add-ons to some primary coffee machines.

However when you look at it, some of us tend to just go to the nearest Starbucks because they make better tasting coffee. And one of the reasons why we’d resort to cafes for better tasting coffee is that baristas know how to use these accessories properly. They know certain techniques which we don’t know. That’s why we keep on coming back to these overrated coffee shops.

Coffee Espresso Machine

Now that we know that it’s just a matter of technique and using the right kind of accessories to create equally great-tasting espressos and lattes, we don’t have to waste our precious time falling in line and spending extra bucks in coffee shops ever again.

Consistently great-tasting espresso shots with the use of the right type of tamper.

A lot of espresso machines designed for home use has built in plastic tampers on the side of the spout. For some, this is already a great deal, since you don’t have to go through the hassle of finding a separate tamper to complete your espresso machine set.

But please, do compare the taste of your espresso shot which you’ve done at home, and the espresso shot done by a barista from Starbucks. You will notice a big difference in the richness and quality of the taste. Don’t deny it, but Starbucks do have great tasting and full bodied espresso shots compared to yours at home.

Their secret is not in their coffee blend nor is it in their machines. You can very well buy what Starbucks use as their primary coffee machine at home, but still get poor-tasting coffee shots.

Why? This is because of improper tamping or you’re using a cheap plastic built-in tamper which absolutely does nothing in compacting the coffee grounds tightly in your portafilter.

It is therefore crucial to buy a separate tamper for home use. Some of the high end tampers may very well cost you a whopping $100, but it’s all worth it! You will definitely smell and taste the good quality of your espresso shot once you use high-quality tampers at home. You also need to master the technique of tamping. Being a barista isn’t as menial as most people think it is. There is a proper tamping technique so you consistently produce that crèma which a good espresso shot should and always have.

Choose your cups and mugs carefully (buy your perfect mug here)

coffee mugs

If you think that your porcelain set of cups and saucers should be hidden well behind your cupboard or show cabinet, then might as well ditch the whole at-home coffee and espresso experience altogether.

Coffee cups and saucers play an integral role in maintaining the good quality taste of your espresso while you’re in the process of consuming it. You might not know this but a good quality porcelain cup and saucer can affect the taste and quality of your coffee as well.

This is crucial when you’re entertaining guests at home. There is a need to give out a good impression to these folks, and your “I LOVE ME” cup wouldn’t be the best cup to hold your great tasting cappuccino.

Invest in porcelain cups and saucers, since they retain the good qualities of your espresso shot while you’re savoring it during a cool breezy afternoon. High-quality porcelain and saucers are great insulators. You don’t have to worry about your espresso to get too cold or lose its crema quickly. When you use porcelain cups and saucers of good quality, all you can expect from it is an excellent and great coffee experience.

Knock boxes packs a punch for great-tasting coffee (buy your knock box via this link)

Knock Box

If you’re the OC type of individual, you might need to look at buying a fine looking and high-performance knock box for home use. Some of you may even ask what knock boxes are.

For some, their function might sound silly but they’re very crucial if you want to clean up your portafilter really well.

A knock box is either square shaped or bucket shaped that has a steel or rubber bar located across the whole length of the box’ opening. They’re either made of steel or plastic. They work well in disposing the nasty coffee ground residue on portafilters (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Espresso_machine) after making an espresso shot. Some of you might think this way- “Why do I need a knock box at home when I can simply just brush it off with a used tooth brush or small paint brush?”

Well the answer is simple, using alternative cleaning accessories to remove coffee pucks out of your portafilters take time and are not that efficient in removing the residue from inside your filter. The bar that runs across the length of the knock box allows you to hit the portafilter against the knock box to ensure that the coffee puck will come off your portafilter in one solid strike.

My explanation might sound silly, but you will find how important a knock box is when you’re preparing espresso for a big gathering at home. You will find it most helpful when you need to prepare for a large number of people. You just can’t use the same coffee grounds in a portafilter for 2 cups of espressos. That’s just wrong, and the resulting espresso would be pretty much tasteless and stale.

Owning a knock box will eliminate your need to clean it up after every double espresso shot produced. You can just knock the puck off the portafilter, dry the inside of your filter with a clean towel and fill it up with another batch of espresso grounds and you’re all set to prepare a double espresso shot for your guests to enjoy and indulge in.

These coffee accessories are important so don’t forget to invest on them as well. If you want pure caffeine indulgence right in the comfort of your own home, you might as well equip your coffee bar complete with all these important gadgetry and trinkets so you can achieve coffee Nirvana every time you take a sip on your prefect cup of espresso coffee or latte.

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