The Return Of The Crazy White Men


There are those of a certain political persuasion who have been attempting to portray terrorism as an exclusively Islamic phenomenon. While Islamist (not Islamic) terrorism has been rampant since 9/11, they are not the only people who are able and willing to commit indiscriminate murder. That hard fact was brought home in graphic fashion recently when a man was shot dead in Dublin at the weigh-in of a boxing match. There has since been another shooting which it is thought may be a revenge killing. Unlike Islamist fanatics who murder moderate Moslems – ie anyone to the left of Anjem Choudaryand heathens, these sickos murder only their own kind. Welcome to the world of the IRA.

The Irish Republican Army – so-called – was actually formed in the United States as the Fenian Brotherhood as long ago as 1848. While India was the jewel in the crown of the British Empire, Ireland has long been the nail in its shoe. The aim of this movement was and is to unite Ireland and divorce it from the United Kingdom; and its members have never been shy about spilling innocent blood in order to achieve it. The last man to be hanged publicly in England was a Fenian terrorist. Michael Barrett was one of those responsible for the 1867 Clerkenwell Outrage, a bombing that killed 12 people and injured 120 in the English capital.

Barrett was hanged outside the walls of Newgate Prison on May 26, 1868 while a two thousand strong crowd sang Rule, Britannia! and Champagne Charlie. A century later there was a significant split in the movement. The Official IRA renounced violence – in theory at any rate – while the Provisional IRA embarked on a murderous campaign in both Northern Ireland and on the Mainland. Its crimes included the atrocities of August 27, 1979 – which saw the assassination of Lord Mountbatten and simultaneously the murder of 18 British soldiers; two teenage boys died along with him when the bomb on Mountbatten’s yacht exploded.

In England, its crimes included the November 1974 Birmingham pub bombings – which were back in the news recently. The so-called Peace Process in Northern Ireland has been responsible for the drastic curtailment of Republican violence and the reciprocal murders by Ulster Loyalists; in spite of its name, it resulted in some painful decisions including the release of many men with innocent blood on their hands. It goes without saying that not everyone was happy with this, and splinter groups formed, most significantly the Continuity IRA – which was actually formed but not active from 1986, and the Real IRA. It is believed to be the Continuity IRA that was responsible for the shooting at the Dublin boxing weigh-in. So what do these groups want? In a nutshell, they want to drive the British out of Ireland. And turn it over to the Nigerians. And Brazilians. And Pakistanis. And Chinese. Indeed, anyone except (white) Britons. Believe it or not, the photograph below is of a Dublin high school cheerleading team. What was the song the gullible Paul MacCartney wrote? Give Ireland Back To The Irish. Yeah, right. So let’s raise a glass to the Continuity IRA, keep murdering those white men, comrades, after all, you want to be masters of your own country, and to preserve your own cultural heritage, right?

Dublin High cheerleading team

Dublin High cheerleading team

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