The Tragedy Of Sabine McNeill


Recently, ludicrous but dangerous allegations of Satanic abuse reared their head in Hampstead, North London. The whole story behind these sick fantasies is now a matter of public record for those who believe in reason, logic, rational argument and common sense rather than some grand conspiracy of paedophiles that controls the local authority, the police, the Government, indeed the entire UK Establishment.

The shocking truth is that there is indeed a horror story here, one that involves the systematic abuse of two young siblings, but this abuse – which was not sexual in nature – was carried out by their mother and her lover in a campaign of vilification directed against the father of the boy and girl concerned.

In a rare move, the full judgment of the Family Court has been published. At the end of its 165 paragraphs, Mrs Justice Pauffley concludes: “There was no satanic or other cult at which babies were murdered and children were sexually abused.”

“All of the material…now published on the internet is nothing other than utter nonsense.”

“The children’s false stories came about as the result of relentless emotional and psychological pressure as well as significant physical abuse. Torture is the most accurate way to describe what was done… ”

“The long term emotional and psychological harm of what was done to the children is incalculable.”

Although the young boy and girl concerned have not been named in the judgment, their identities are a matter of record, the videos showing them reciting lurid tales of babies being murdered having been viewed millions of times, in spite of the efforts of the authorities to have them removed – something that is referred to as a cover up.

On April 20, a lengthy interview with the father was uploaded to YouTube by the BBC:

Any reasonably intelligent person who watches this interview, reads the judgment, and compares these with what the boy and his sister say, cannot but conclude that the whole business is a wicked fraud. Or so you might hope. Unfortunately, there is one highly intelligent woman who believes otherwise. Sabine McNeill has long been active in the financial reform movement. I met her many times from the last Millennium at CCMJ and related meetings including at the Palace of Westminster where she was a passionate advocate. She is both a mathematician and a software designer, fields in which few women excel. Unfortunately, in spite of her background and stratospheric IQ she has exhibited a gullibility that even your village idiot would find amusing, something that is far from uncommon in these circles: Judy Wood, David Ray Griffin and Webster Tarpley – all American academics – have likewise endorsed bizarre beliefs relating to the 9/11 attacks. In the UK we have our own Messiah in the form of David Icke. These are people who go far beyond the evidence, see conspirators or Satanists under every bed, and who will believe anything of any government provided it is sufficiently terrible without the slightest recognition that there are a lot of other liars out there (and kooks) besides those on the government payroll.

Sabine has done much and is still doing much to promote this “Whistleblower Kids” nonsense. In this endeavour she has been aided by two women who are if not mad then are not quite sane: Neelu Berry and Belinda McKenzie. When Berry was arrested recently, her address was given as Clayhall, Ilford, the home of another renowned conspiracy crank (and his wife) although even they wouldn’t touch this sort of thing with a bargepole. Belinda McKenzie is a wealthy woman who uses her wealth to promote all manner of mystical garbage. She has been a major player in promoting another bizarre story about child abuse, the Holly Greig hoax, which has seen the legal authorities in Scotland clamp down hard on this sort of scandal-mongering.

Sabine K Mcneill

Sabine K Mcneill (Twitter)

In the UK, any reporting of a legal nature involving the young is subject to severe restrictions; usually their names will not be disclosed unless they are impossible to keep secret as in the notorious case of Thompson and Venables. Such restrictions may be over-sensitive at times, but in this case they were clearly warranted. Sabine decided she knew better than the law, and broadcast this nonsense to the world. Now she finds herself in contempt of court, and has fled the country. Sadly, this is not the first time she has done something like this. There are undoubtedly many things wrong with the justice system in this country, including the semi-secret nature of the way proceedings involving family affairs are decided, but there is a right way and a wrong way to tackle this; Sabine has clearly chosen the wrong way.

It is a tragedy that she doesn’t apply her considerable intelligence to see what is actually going on. If babies were (are?) being abused, murdered, even sacrificed in Hampstead on the scale claimed here, where is the evidence, the bodies, the missing kids, the witnesses? More to the point, if dozens or even hundreds of people are involved, and some of these people are extremely powerful in both local and national government, including the police, how were you able to slip out of the country unnoticed instead of being made to quietly disappear? Could it be this vast network of paeodophile Satanists and cult killers exists only in the imaginations of demented women like…?

One person who should probably be relieved rather than angry that allegations of this nature and on this scale were made is Ricky…the father of the boy and girl concerned. Had they been coached to claim that he had simply indecently assaulted them, he could have found himself in serious trouble in view of the “believe the victim” culture that now permeates any claim of sexual harassment, much less rape or child abuse in the UK.

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Alexander Baron

  • Immanuel Christian

    I think everybody needs to examine the raw evidence and decide for themselves who is telling the truth and who is lying:

    • Sula

      I have reported you for uploading this video. You are knowingly spreading confidential material in contempt of the High Court. This is an illegal act. You are perpetuating the worst kind of abuse by uploading this and exposing the children to humiliation or worse. The case is dead, there is no evidence. The children were coerced to lie by the stepfather. Only an idiot would still believe otherwise.

      • Immanuel Christian

        You’re wasting your pimp’s time, troll. Anyone with access to these videos knows the truth.

        • Sula

          You’ve just revealed the kind of person you are with the offensive language used towards me. You people have vile and disgusting minds, seeing all manner of nightmarish demons. Do you get a kick out of scaring yourself? Is your life so dull that you need to invent monsters to frighten yourself? You’ve lost. Everyone knows the truth. Only the mentally deficient cling to the lies. Even the mother exposed her deceit when she said “if there’s no case and no evidence can I just have the kids back please”! Ha, no chance. She is the abuser, along with her boyfriend.She has ruined her children’s lives with her stories to get back at the father.

        • Common Porpoise

          Immanuel, which part of Sula’s comment are you referring to as trolling? The part where she states irrefutable facts about the law, the part where she politely disagrees with the views of this blog or the part where she says she believes child abuse is wrong? Please clarify. Could you also link us to the source of your proof that Sula is a prostitute, A link to the video you mention that proves this proven hoax is real would be appreciated too, along with your rationale for believing it, as “You’re wasting your pimp’s time, troll” doesn’t quite get to the heart of the matter and makes you yourself sound like a troll – God forbid. So whenever you’re ready…

      • nigelfoster

        I have reported you for being immensely boring but contempt for Lawyers is mainly seen as being a virtue.

  • Shevatwo Burton

    I would disagree with the final statement though, Victims & Survivors of CSA report that it is still difficult to gain support, in many services, things are shifting, though. Apart from that although this is older news, since then, Sabine has returned to the UK, and still even yesterday was tweeting illegal videos, people are reporting them, but Youtube, Google, Facebook, Vimeo, etc need to do more, please. As does John Hemming need to make a clear dissassociation from their Mckenzie Associates, soon to morph into McKenzie Angels, if they are allowed to, Both Sabine and Belinda have broken bail conditons, so hopefully, they will be stopped from the relentless, recklessness with out any care, sorrow, apology, redress, or asking of their followers to desist. Sabine K McNeil, needs to wake up. What a shame she didn’t stick to what she was best at doing, and serve groups that knew how to tackle child abuse, and support victims properly.

    • Brian

      Odd that one should protest so much! Hmmmm…

      • Common Porpoise

        Would you care to explain that hypothesis, Brian, bearing in mind the extremely serious nature of the allegations you’re apparently making against Sheva and others? Thanks in advance.

  • Shevatwo Burton
  • Brian

    Open your eyes and check out same stories being reported from all around the world now….check out Fiona Barnett, David Shurter just to mention a few..
    I and the other 4million worldwide are waiting for this case to be properly investigated.
    Why o why could not just one of them come forward and prove that the tattoos don’t exist??…that in its self speaks volumes to me.

    I seriously question the motivation of those spending hours on end trying to disprove this case …something stinks..
    And don’t say it’s to save the innocent accused… would be a lot quicker for them to turn up at a local police station and prove they don’t have said marks.

    • Jack Burton

      Fiona Barnett is a complete basket case, she thinks that there is a tunnel thousands of kilometres long under Australia linking two military bases, that is one of her bizarre claims.

      David Shurter is an obvious loon too, it’s no wonder he has jumped onto the Fiona Barnett bandwagon.

      You have to be an utter moron to believe the nonsense those two spout!

    • frannie

      Both have been exposed as liars and frauds 🤦‍♀️

  • Harriet Bond

    You forget to mention the Satanic MASS MURDERS in Hull that took place over more than a decade.
    detailed at length by one Becki Percy. We are talking THOUSANDS of kiddies dispatched by homicidal maniacs. ;-)

  • Its Hollie ya twat

    If you cant get that right……

  • James R

    Pleased to see that you have stopped writing online. Wonder why you started. This piece is imendacious trash and as a researcher you leave a lot to be desired. (everything) Trash.

  • Peter Like

    FUCK YOUR LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Stalin

    Alexander Baron is obviously a vicious pedophile.

  • nigelfoster

    I knew Sabine 20 years ago. She was much given to “enthusiasms”. She is now most probably a dotty old lady who simply became obsessed. 9 years in jail is absurd, just cold-blooded cruelty which serves no purpose except perhaps the judges career.

    • frannie

      But her obsession was calling for attacks upon innocent people ,families forced to move forced to set up kidnap alert training for their children in case some other obsessed person chooses to save them !! A lifetime sentence for them is ok 👌 they are well meaning too I expect 🤦‍♀️

      • nigelfoster

        Cutting the puppet-masters strings would have been more rational than kicking the puppet. This is one mad internet “cause” among hundreds. I do not defend her actions, but the sentence is OTT

  • nigelfoster

    9 years is a vicious sentence for a well-meaning old lady.

    • frannie

      How about the lifetime sentence she has caused many many well meaning good people and children

  • The Grief

    Lock her up!

  • JohnBoy

    Sadly Sabine wasn’t doing something similar to what the German team did when they exposed Christopher Paul Neil by unswirling the images he’d posted of himself abusing children (, but something far less technically skilled: merely spreading unfounded allegations on the internet. If it had been realised that that was the case, somebody might have been able to disabuse her in time to prevent much of the harm she’s done to others and to herself.

  • Eddy Seven

    Quite ironic after the Epstein scandal don’t you think?