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The Truth about Triglycerides – Take Care of your Health by Knowing these Facts


Despite all the warnings about the health risks of triglycerides we should be aware that this fatty acid is not as bad as health specialists claim them to be. Triglycerides are much needed by the body. People may not realize this, but it is a great source of energy for the body. People are lead into thinking that it should be avoided as much as possible as most heart diseases are caused by abnormally high triglyceride levels in the bloodstream.

The truth is, we can still consume foods that have triglycerides in them. Just imagine how bland and boring your daily meals would turn out if all you’ll be eating are low or non-fat dishes. It’s best that people are aware that triglycerides aren’t as bad as they seem.

Triglycerides are body fats that are absorbed in the bloodstream. The main transporting components of triglycerides found in the bloodstream are called chylomicrons. This blood component is a combination of cholesterol and proteins which facilitates the transfer of triglycerides to tissues in the body. Our body’s tissues then convert triglycerides into energy.

Without triglycerides, there wouldn’t be as much energy that our body can expend, which can then lead to feelings of weakness or a reduced sense of well being. There are other sources of energy such as protein and carbohydrate. However this is the case, triglycerides seem to have thrice the energy amount compared to these nutrients.

The normal triglyceride level in the bloodstream shouldn’t exceed 1.60 mmol/L. Any level beyond this number may mean a higher risk for certain health diseases. People should understand that triglycerides should be kept at a range between 1.50 and 1.60 mmol/L in order for triglycerides to achieve its’ primary purpose. We can all prevent the increase in triglyceride levels if we routinely undergo blood workups and doctors consultation.

This is especially true among individuals who are at high risk of developing heart disease and stroke.

Diabetic Type 2 patients should also be conscientious in their food intake as certain food items contain considerable amounts of triglycerides. It is also ideal to switch to a low-fat diet to decrease your chances of developing the above-mentioned diseases. There is no point in eliminating fatty foods consumption from your diet. Just imagine how unhealthy and weak you will become if you take out the goodness which foods that have minimal fat content out from your diet plan.

Triglycerides are great sources of energy. We cannot deny this as this lipid substance is the most abundant fatty substance which is found in the body. Without triglycerides, we will all be nothing but weak and pale individuals who do not have ample amounts of energy to perform daily tasks. Triglyceride is generally a two-edged sword. It can provide benefits and cause harm to the body. How can one avoid the dangers in order to make sure that only health advantages can be reaped from the consumption of triglycerides?


Eating healthy food will not only keep away extra weight, but will also help you to maintain normal levels of triglycerides

Here is some factual information and helpful health tips which can help you understand all there is to know about triglycerides and how one can fully avoid the health dangers of excess fatty food consumption and an unhealthy lifestyle.

  • Triglycerides originates from the liver and is generated from the food that we eat

Enzymes being released from the pancreas are synthesized in the live resulting in the production of triglycerides. The daily intake of food containing lipid food substances combine with pancreatic enzymes to form triglycerides.

We can function without taking too much food as our own systems produce just the right amount of triglyceride to sustain the daily energy demands. People who consume large amounts of alcohol suffer from abnormal triglyceride metabolizing function, thereby increasing their chances of developing arterial and venous blockages due to atherosclerosis.

Triglycerides once deposited on the walls of blood vessels eventually harden. The pressure of the blood’s circulation is not enough to flush the plaque buildup which then lead to cardiovascular malfunction. Cardiovascular related anomalies can be avoided altogether if an individual reduces or stops excessive alcohol consumption. Once the liver recuperates and flushes itself off toxins and alcohol, the production of enzymes and lipase will become more efficient. Not only will an individual feel healthier, weight loss becomes easier as well.

  • L-Carnitine and fiber-rich food sources reduce triglyceride levels

Since triglycerides are in no way absorbed in the duodenum, it is wise to take in food items which can help your digestive system flush out excess fat and triglyceride levels. It is then imperative to incorporate foods and vegetables into the daily diet. These items are rich in fiber and L-Carnitine which effectively reduces triglyceride levels before it is absorbed in the bloodstream.

  • The importance of annual triglyceride levels check

If you want to ensure longevity, you should consider going to your doctor for an annual general check-up. If you have history of high blood pressure, diabetes, and are overweight or obese, checking your triglyceride results will be beneficial as these conditions plus high triglyceride levels may result in health deterioration.

If you are at high risk of developing these diseases or are already plagued by such ailments, doctors will advise you to take necessary lifestyle and diet changes. Some may even prescribe medications to prevent any exacerbations as well. Currently, the only solution and treatment for abnormally high triglyceride levels is to proper diet and regular physical exercises.

The key to keeping triglycerides in your bloodstream at a normal level is by switching to healthier food alternatives. Furthermore, exercise is known to reduce triglyceride level in the bloodstream. Physical exertion is effective in burning the fat deposits in the bloodstream at a faster rate.

People shouldn’t worry about triglycerides at all. As long as one keeps the level at a normal range through performing physical exercise and keeping a healthy diet, heart disease, stroke, and other chronic debilitating disease shouldn’t be a concern altogether. The presence of triglycerides does not cause the diseases per se, it’s our unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices that are causing our bodies to go haywire and lose its energy and vital functions.

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