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Top Eight Technological Trends of 2015

Technology Innovations

Technological innovations make our lives easier and more satisfying. These are the common objectives that scientists have in mind when going about extensive experiments and research. Aside from the obvious financial profits from technological products and services, it is undeniable they enrich our lives.

In the past ten years, the world witnessed a great leap in the world of technology. Billions of people are now more informed and more in touch with things that happen around the world because of social media. In addition, the efficient communication/information dissemination made possible by the Internet has inspired visionaries to come up with even more innovations to enhance the quality of living for the present and future generations.
The prevailing trend in the field of technology is that of combining reality and the virtual world. There is also the emergence of artificial intelligence, and the smart applications of technology in the business realm.

Virtual Reality

  • Virtual Reality
The latest technological innovations have paved the way for the introduction to the virtual world. The insanely realistic graphics and the sophistication of codes are undeniably impressive. There are online games which transports us to an ultra-realistic setting with a few clicks of the mouse. Scientists and researchers are now working towards seamlessly connecting the virtual world to reality.
By providing unlimited access to fast and efficient Internet services, it becomes possible for even the average person to come up with ideas that further expand human understanding and experience without having to complete a master’s degree.

3d Printing

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  • 3D Printing
As printers are crucial peripherals to both residential and office settings, scientists worked for years to come up with a cutting-edge printing device. As ink jet and laser printers have become the norm, companies are now geared towards producing a new revolutionary new type of printer.
3D printers are here already. It is expected they will become a lot more affordable and accessible in the next three years.

The Internet of Things

  • The Internet of Things

Fast, convenient, and accessible Internet will further blur the lines between the virtual world and reality. More and more public areas are being installed with WI-FI Internet connectivity so people can access the Internet at any time they want even if they do not have mobile Internet on their computing systems. Mobile gateway systems as well as e-Commerce have witnessed drastic changes last year. This means that other aspects of business online will experience more innovations this year and the next years to come.


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  • Wearable Technology
Gadgets originally pertain to hand-held devices. Most of us own a gadget or two. In spite of their convenience and usefulness, they still hinder people from becoming 100% productive. This is where wearable technologies come into play.

A perfect example of wearable technology is the smart watch. Smartphone giants Samsung and Apple have come up with their own versions of how a wearable smart watch should look and function. Other smartphone manufacturers also have released their respective smartwatch models that work in tandem with their mobile devices. And don’t worry about style and elegance, for they got that covered too. The smart watches from top companies not only syncs to mobile devices, but they will undoubtedly look good on your wrist too!

Mobile Payments

  • More Convenient Payment Gateway Systems

Payment gateway systems like PayPal has been around for many years now. E-Commerce websites all have their own method of allowing consumers purchase safely online. With the increasing popularity of mobile Internet, it became imperative to develop mobile payment systems that are just as secure and safe as that of traditional payment systems online Google Wallet, Current C, and Apple Pay emerged to be the most popular mobile payment gateways. However effective and secure, developers need to improve these mobile payment systems so they don’t end up being credit-card-killers that current clients claim they are.

Cloud Computing

Author: Sam Johnston

  • Cloud Computing

Cloud computing was introduced a few years ago, but it was only last year that it shifted to becoming a common technology used by billions people worldwide. Cloud technology features the right set of qualities to make it the preferred computing technology for average individuals to large-scale companies. Cloud computing together with mobile technology will undeniably change the computing landscape making it more accessible and efficient for its users. It presents the solution of a technology that successfully organizes data in a secure, but highly accessible platform.

Internet Security

  • Internet Security

As more and more of our daily tasks involve the use of computers and access to the Internet, it is crucial to ensure that such technological devices and platforms are kept as far away from online threats. Cyberattacks are getting more rampant as years pass, and even the biggest companies such as Sony, Home Depot, and Target are becoming helpless victims suffer from compromised security.

In order to keep all valuable and confidential data from getting lost or getting stolen by unscrupulous parties, companies are now keen on developing online security measures that will further reinforce a more stable and more secure online platform. Developers are hopeful that progress in the field of online security can reduce or at most, eradicate incidence of identity theft and virus infection to name a few.

Thermal imaging tools

  • Cutting-Edge Technological Tools

Augment reality by the use of advanced technology. This has been the aim of many scientists and technological innovators in the last few years. A great example of devices and gadgets that enhance our appreciation of reality and facilitates the merging of reality to that of the virtual world is Google Glass. Many companies have followed suit, while some decided to up and the ante. Thermal imaging tools and text translators are promising applications that will surely find its ways to tech gadgets once they have proven to be excellent tools for education, utility, and security among many others.

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