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Cracking statute of limitations?

In the United States a concerted attack is being made by well-funded and organised agenda-driven special interest groups to remove the statute of limitations for in particular sex crimes. Their rhetoric, narrative, “facts” and abuse of statistics are similar, but one organisation in particular deserves special attention. According to the Foundation for Survivors of Abuse, they are “WORKING TO REMOVE THE STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS TO PROVIDE JUSTICE & HEALING FOR SURVIVORS OF ABUSE”. Their nonsense continues with the blanket claim that for “survivors” of sexual abuse, the effects/scars can be lasting and profound, and that an essential part of this so-called healing process is for survivors to seek justice.

The rhetoric continues with talk of “the cruel, insidious nature of sexual abuse” which makes it difficult for survivors to come forward. Then we have the typical manufactured statistics, here we are told a fourth of all girls are sexually assaulted before reaching the age of 18, and it is estimated that 80 percent of all sexual abuse goes unreported.

Their rhetoric concludes with an invitation “to work with us to remove these unenlightened, antiquated laws, and remove the time limit on justice and healing for survivors.”

By this point, if you can’t hear the violins playing in the background, here is one of their white knights, Representative Ken Ivory, who says “One in four girls and one in six boys will suffer the impacts and damages of sexual abuse on children in their lifetime.” To this he adds that on average it takes a victim until the age of 40 to come forward about sexual abuse.

sexual abuse

It’s suggested that over 80% of all sexual abuse does not get reported  at all, some even come forward as late as when they are in their 40’s

That is rather a lot, so let us start with this loaded word, “survivor”. This implies that the victim was in mortal danger; the reality is that in the vast majority of sexual assaults, including rapes, the victim is not in danger of being murdered. Most sexual assaults are trivial in nature, that is to say they involve nothing more than touching or groping. This does not mean the perpetrators should not be dealt with severely by the courts, especially when the victims are underage, but it is important to keep a sense of proportion. Telling a young girl that an unpleasant experience may leave her damaged, that she needs counselling, perhaps years of therapy, does the victim no good and is little more than a scam perpetrated at her expense.

Sexual abuse may well be cruel, but is it really difficult for “survivors” to come forward? Clearly when abuse is carried out in private, as it almost always is, there can be evidential difficulties in legal proceedings, likewise if the victims are young, but if the FSA gets its way, these problems will be solved, because there will be no requirement for evidence to be presented, the mere allegation will be enough to convict an accused.

With regard to the statistics, the reality is that no one knows how many sexual assaults go unreported, clearly some do, but the suggestion that one in four girls and one in six boys will be “damaged” by it in their lifetimes is ludicrous; if that were the case, half the male population and probably a large number of women would deserve to be in prison for these crimes.

Anyone who takes issue with these contrived statistics is apt to be branded a misogynist, but it would be more accurate to brand as men-haters women who invent statistics to both demonise men and further their sinister agenda.

While undoubtedly some rapes and lesser sexual assaults do go unreported, the reality is that false allegations of both sexual assault and rape are far more common than is credited, although only the brave or the stupid will admit it. False allegations are rife for many reasons, including by children. Kids today are move savvy than they have ever been, both girls and boys know they can destroy the reputation of an adult they hate – a teacher perhaps – by making a false allegation. False allegations of child sexual abuse are by no means unknown in child custody proceedings which can see a mother coaching her young daughter or son to make false allegations against her estranged husband. Leaving aside simple false allegations, there are other reasons for statutes of limitations to be enforced. A general explanation can be found in a lengthy article by Paul D. Swanson in Volume 97 of the Cornell Law Review. A more specific explanation will be given here.

Leaving aside lies and malice, many people in the modern world have serious issues regarding their mental conditions. This can be permanent but is more often temporary. It is a paradox that while most people enjoy a higher standard of living than even the kings of yore, we are seeing all manner of mental illnesses (so-called) visited on all and sundry. Depression is now extremely common, and can affect the most unlikely of people. To take just one example, why would a much loved comedian like Robin Williams commit suicide at 63? Alcohol and abuse of both recreational and prescription drugs can distort perceptions of reality, including causing hallucinations.

Flights of fancy and madness affect women more than men in many respects, including delusions about sexual assaults and rapes. In the United States especially, such delusions have been encouraged by the feminist movement, among others. In 1988, two lesbian activists published one of the most perfidious books ever written. In The Courage To Heal, Ellen Bass and Laura Davis attempt to convince women that many of the problems they face as adults result from sexual abuse they suffered during their childhood. At page 81 they write “If you don’t remember your abuse, you are not alone. Many women don’t have memories, and some never get memories. This doesn’t mean they weren’t abused.”

And on the next page they claim: “If you don’t have any memory of it, it can be hard to believe the abuse really happened”.

If you tell already emotionally or mentally disturbed women they have been sexually abused, and tell them to imagine it, some of them will do just that, as the resulting court cases against therapists demonstrate. If you are unconvinced, watch this short clip in which the world’s leading authority on false memories describes how she and her team induced ordinary, balanced people to remember things that never happened.

The really frightening thing about this is, as Elizabeth Loftus points out, that such false memories are totally convincing, both to the subject, and in court cases to the jury. There is now a vast literature on false memories and the dangers they pose to the legal process, but you wouldn’t think so according to the harpies of the FSA.

Now let us recall the imbecilic claim by Ken Ivory that on average it takes a “victim” until the age of 40 to come forward with such allegations. What he and the FSA are arguing is that a woman of 40, 50 or perhaps older should be given a free pass to trash the life of a relative, neighbour, teacher, indeed anyone if suddenly she “remembers” she has been sexually abused. Doesn’t he understand how dangerous this is? Perhaps he will when the police turn up on his doorstep and arrest him for raping the 12 year old who lived across the street from him thirty years ago.

In the United Kingdom where there is no statute of limitations, terrible miscarriages of justice like that have been a regular occurrence. At present, the focus is on celebrities, but many non-celebrities including teachers have had their reputations tarnished or even their lives destroyed on account of this madness. And no, not all the victims have been men.

In the US, repealing the statute of limitations would lead to even greater miscarriages of justice because of the power prosecutors have to threaten defendants with outrageously long sentences in the event of conviction. Let us take one non-historical case to see how this can play out.

In the summer of 2002, Brian Banks was 16 years old and looking forward to a promising career as a professional football player. That dream came crashing down when he was accused of raping another high school student, Wanetta Gibson. Banks said that although they had been “making out”, they didn’t actually have sex, and indeed there was no evidence they had. All the same, he was threatened with a ludicrous sentence of 40 years to life if convicted, and was advised by his public defender to take a plea because if he didn’t, the jury would see only a stocky, thuggish black teenager who had forced himself on a much smaller girl. He was told he would have to make a snap decision, so he gritted his teeth and pleaded no contest. Banks was sentenced to 6 years, and would have been tainted for life if the unbelievable hadn’t happened. When he was released from prison, his “victim” contacted him and suggested they continue where they had left off.

Brian Banks would eventually have his conviction quashed, and Wanetta Gibson, who had received a massive payout received no punishment at all for falsely imprisoning him and nearly ruining his entire life. All the same, he should consider himself lucky, because but for her single digit IQ he would still be a registered sex offender. In the UK, he would have received at most a 5 year sentence, probably less on account of his age, which would most likely have led to him electing to go to trial where a good barrister would have exposed Gibson for the lying, conniving little tart she was. Now consider the following scenario…

A man, perhaps a celebrity or a teacher is accused of rape by a former student, acquaintance or even a woman he has never met. Publicity surrounding the case leads to other “victims” coming forward, or the police trawl for victims as they have been known to do in the UK. The accused is told that if he pleads not guilty and is convicted he will spend the rest of his life in prison. If he chooses to go to trial he is faced with a procession of frightened little women all telling similar stories, weeping on cue on the witness stand, all guaranteed lifelong anonymity, a possible compensation payout, tea and sympathy, no way of corroborating any of their stories except for the specious corroboration by volume, and if any of them have mental health issues, as most of them will have, that will be blamed on this mythical abuse.

This is the unvarnished truth of what will happen, what does happen, when there is no statute of limitations. It should be stressed here that those beating the drum of rape culture have little or no integrity, and even those who profess to help actual rape victims have no hesitation in lying gratuitously. In the UK, one of the most shocking false rape allegations ever was that made by Rhiannon Brooker who over a period of months systematically drip fed lies and innuendo to friends and acquaintances in order to frame a totally innocent man.

Brooker was exposed only by chronology, but when the police woke up to what she had done, they were astounded by her audacity. Even so, at least one major anti-rape organisation, so-called, insisted a) that she was innocent and b) that she should not have been prosecuted. Feminist academics are every bit as dishonest, fabricating statistics and dismissing summarily such outrageous false rape allegations as the Duke Lacrosse and Tawana Brawley cases.

This dishonesty extends to both the courtroom and the legislature. The much publicised Cosby allegations have led to feminist attorney Gloria Allred attempting to have the statute of limitations removed. Bill Cosby was a fairly big celebrity even in the 1960s, and has clearly kept a full diary, so much so that a handful of skeptics, including Jay Raskin – who is an academic rather than an investigative journalist – have been able to carry out their own detailed investigations that have rebuffed most of the allegations against him, but for the most part both the mainstream media and the so-called alternative media continue to report these allegations as fact.

To take just one example, Cosby’s youngest accuser, Chloe Goins, sold her story to a tabloid and then filed a complaint with the police alleging that he had drugged and sexually assaulted her on a specific date in 2008, at the Playboy Mansion. Cosby was not at the Playboy Mansion on the date in question, and if Goins ever was, she has yet to produce a confirmatory photograph, which as hundreds of people were present, and with tickets at a hefty premium, would have been the easiest thing in the world to do. Yet the media has been silent since the police report was filed.

Likewise, the antics of Gloria Allred are disgraceful; she cannot be unaware of the true nature of much of the evidence against Cosby, yet her agenda is clearly more important to her than the truth.

It should not be necessary to belabour the point, but most people’s actions are not as easily traceable as Bill Cosby’s, and even if they were, it won’t matter if the FSA lobbyists get their way. There are positive ways of protecting both women and children from sexual predators; removing the statute of limitations is not one of them, and if Americans allow this to happen, they will pay a heavy price.

This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of


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Alexander Baron

  • Alexander Baron’s overblown blog entries are so rife with inaccuracies they are in league with swiss cheese. There are countless lies and ignorant comments in his “writings” but this particular one caught my eye:

    “….so much so that a handful of skeptics, including Jay Raskin – who is an
    academic rather than an investigative journalist – have been able to
    carry out their own detailed investigations that have rebuffed most of
    the allegations against him….”

    Jay Raskin has written a “debunking” for only FIVE of the FORTY NINE women, and one of the entires for the women he slams (Kaya Thompson) was PERSONALLY rebutted by Kaya Thompson’s own mother – Raskin claimed Kaya Thompson bears an uncanny resemblance to Autumn Brown, suggesting they are related and therefore they must be in cahoots. Judy Thompson offered to show Raskin their documented family heritage showing there is no relation. Jay “thanked” Judy for her information in the comment section and then proceeded to LEAVE THE BLOG POST up on his website instead of taking his lumps and deleting the slander. He has been called upon to remove it three times now. The next step is to contact his employer (Valencia Community College – higher academia, indeed) to let them know that he is posting false information and slander on the internet.

    It is beyond disturbing how you rape apologists cluster together in your tiny little covens, patting one another on the back, whilst continuing to crow LIES and FABRICATIONS and SLANDER on no-name blogs, largely unchecked – while you hypocritically rant about the “western media” and it’s “lies”. Absolutely unbelievable. You people are an embarrassment to the world of true academia.

    • Alexander Baron

      Thank you for your candid response. You seem to be under the impression that Raskin has anything to refute. The reality is that rape is a crime that leaves physical evidence and has done so long before you or I were born; the case of the Scottsboro Boys is one in point.

      All these women made their allegations long after there was any realistic possibility of physical evidence, conveniently.

      Statutes of limitations were implemented to prevent miscarriages of justice arising from these sort of baseless allegations. Unfortunately we do not have them in the UK, instead we have the inevitable miscarriages of justice that follow.

      Leaving aside the demonstrable fact that many of these women are simply liars, chancers, publicity whores, plain whores or mentally unbalanced, I offer this:

      the bunny effect; there is also the bandwagon effect. If Raskin or indeed the police were to refute every single one of these allegations, doubtless another 49 would materialise.

      Furthermore I do not agree with Raskin on every point, he believes this is a racially motivated conspiracy (for want of a better word). I on the other hand don’t.

      Further furthermore, if toxic women like you had their way, no man would be safe from your delusions and lies, black or white, rich or poor, because any demented female could come forward 10, 20, 30+ years down the line, accuse any man of any offence without a shred of evidence, and be believed.

      As for my being a rape apologist, if you had read anything I have written about real rape you wouldn’t make that specious claim. Or perhaps you are so dishonest that you would.

      • janenlee

        she would.

      • Cindy

        Believe Women is not a true supporter of victims, they have an agenda that is only to crucify Cosby. Believe Women is noted for supporting rapist by proxy, Andy Dick, Amy Schumer, Lena Dunham, Peter Nygard, Paul Rueben…..How? Believe publicizes Judd Apatow who supports them Gloria Allred who friends them Beverly Johnson who has consensual paid nasty sex with them……

    • Cindy

      Ok so no one has to buy Jay’s opinions we all have our own, Can you explain away the discrepancies of even a few of the alleged accusers.

      For example: explain the many versions of Janice Dickinson gives of her alleged rape.

      Explain a total fabrication or false memories if you prefer of Joan Tarshis for a performance that did not exist at the Westbury Fall Festival.

      Explain the Louisa Motiz seeing Cosby on the Tonight Show when the Schedule contradicts her every word.
      Feel free to prove any one of the accusers are legit…….
      But tell me, a Survivor , Why Allred would represent those with the backgrounds and contradictions by their own statements as though they are victims.
      It is a disgrace to every real victim of rape to see what Allred is doing, it is not in the interest of a survivors mental health, it is not honest and it does nothing to protect others in our society of the vile crime of rape by a smearing campaign over investigations and education!

  • janenlee

    Excellent article. This has been in the minds of rational people for some time. Now if only the media would look into this. Thank you.

    • Cindy

      Any allegation without evidence should be considered suspicious!

  • Craig H1

    One of the BEST articles I’ve read detailing the abuse of special interest groups like Believe Women etc. They are a disgrace to survivors and a blight on social media.