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Unofficial Half-Life: Opposing Force Expansion to Launch in February

Half Life Prospekt

Half-Life is the hit valve game series that revolutionized first-person shooters. The original Half-Life and its sequel are among the finest games of their genre. As of yet, Valve has not announced any plans to launch a Half-Life 3; but an independent developer has won over the company’s approval for a Prospekt expansion to the series that will launch this February.

If you’ve never heard of Half-Life before, it’s a fantastic first-person shooter. It stars the scientist Gordan Freeman who gets caught up in a resonance cascade at the Black Mesa research facility. That opens up a rift with planet Xen, and the rift sparks an alien invasion of Earth. In the sequel the Combine has effectively invaded.

After the original game, there were numerous Half-Life expansions. Among them was Half-Life: Opposing Force that stars the U.S. Marine Adrian Shephard. He is one of the Marines sent to Black Mesa to close the rift and take out any witnesses to the alien outbreak.

That is where this latest Half-Life expansion, developed by Richard Seabrook, picks up from. Prospekt is set in the Nova Prospekt prison during events that took place in the Half-Life 2 sequel. There Freeman is being overrun and Shephard is called in to help out.

The game is not an official Valve title, but it will include graphics and assets from the Half-Life sequel. The game includes official Valve art assets, is based on the Source engine and will also have a story comparable in length to Half-Life 2: Episode One. Prospekt will have some new graphic updates and include 13 levels to play through. So expect updated lighting, models, music and more besides in Prospekt.

This is not the first unofficial Half-Life game launched. A remake of the original Half-Life Black Mesa is also available on Steam. As a remake of the original, it gave the first game a graphical overhaul.

Now Prospekt is available for pre-order (with a discount) on Steam. The game will be available for about $10. A February 11 launch has also been confirmed for the game title. As this will also be a stand-alone title, fans won’t need Half-Life 2 to play Prospekt.

Half-Life fans will no doubt rejoice that a new installment to the series is scheduled for launch. Valve has not announced any plans for a Half-Life 3 as of yet, so any new Half-Life game is certainly welcome even if it is not officially developed by the company behind most of the series.

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