Watch Out For This Scam


If you have logged on to a certain website of late, for example, you might instead have been redirected to a page which displays this dire warning (pictured below). Don’t be fooled! In the first place, the computer accessing this message was not in the US; the telephone number given may be an 0800 number (ie free in the UK) but it is not registered to a company, at least not to any reputable company, and the logo at the bottom of the page implying some sort of connection with Windows and therefore Microsoft, has no legitimate meaning.

Safe From

As for the frightening text on the pink background, all these things could be true of your computer, but if they are, phoning the designated number and asking for help will only bring you more trouble.

It shouldn’t be necessary to say this but there are so many scammers out there, and some of their scams look extremely convincing. If you have any doubt at all about any such message or e-mail, run the relevant term through your search engine. You might also like to check out some dedicated anti-scam sites like Scam Dot Com and its forum, and don’t forget your own national and local government websites which have scam warning pages.

It goes without saying too that you need to keep your anti-virus software up to date, preferably AVG or failing that, McAfee or Norton.


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