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Westminster Paedophile Ring Fantasies Reach Australia

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It had to happen, beyond the reach of Britain’s libel laws, a mainstream TV network has put together a documentary – so-called – about the powerful paedophile rings that control the UK. It includes politicians from both Houses of Parliament, the rich and powerful, and in case you’re wondering why the police have been slow to investigate, well, they are in on it too, the very senior ones, that is.

The documentary (so-called) Spies, Lords And Predators includes contributions from three recently unearthed nutters: Richard Kerr, Esther Baker, and Mr Anonymous. Kerr is said to have been speaking to the Exaro website since 2013. You can find an objective assessment of him here, and of Baker here.

The video is already on YouTube, and will probably remain there unless the dark forces have it taken down, the Grand Conspiracy, perhaps. For God’s sake don’t mention the Elders of Zion, but Lord Mountbatten has already been roped in. Understandably the Queen will not be amused, even less so Prince Charles, one suspects.

Baker is shown photographs of two powerful politicians, and says they abused her as a child. Now that he is dead, Leon Brittan is likewise fair game for calumny, and he gets it here.

Greville Janner gets a mention, of course! Oops, what was that about not mentioning the Elders of Zion? And Sir Peter Hayman, who is identified by Kerr.

Incredibly, Zac Goldsmith gives this investigation (so-called) his stamp of approval, at least as far as this mythical cover-up goes. So how much meat is there on the bone of this stale corpse?

Included is footage of the paedophile Peter Righton, who died in 2007; he is shown actually grooming boys. However, this home video of Righton and his fellow paedophile Charles Napier was actually unearthed by the BBC two decades ago. These two odious individuals were featured in a 1994 documentary. Furthermore, last year Napier was given a 13 year sentence for historical sex offences against underage boys. So where is the cover-up?

Now here comes the worthwhile part, an interview with a founder member of the long defunct Paedophile Information Exchange, the odious Tom O’Carroll, who incredibly defends the views in his infamous book Paedophilia: The Radical Case. However, O’Carroll has served a prison term fairly recently; the fact that men like him appear on TV now and again is a good thing, because they remind us that for all the fantasies peddled by Exaro and now its fellow conspiratards Down Under, there is genuine evil out there.


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Alexander Baron

  • george

    Tom O’Carol is a decent guy, and has never harmed any child or teenager!

    • Alexander Baron

      Tom O’Carroll is scum. End of.