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Will David Cameron Murder Anjem Choudary?

If that question sounds provocative and silly in equal measure, you haven’t heard the latest news, because David Cameron, our glorious Prime Minister, the man who has just agreed to admit 20,000 refugees to the country without even the pretext of consulting the people, this same great humanitarian has, it has been revealed, authorised the extrajudicial execution of two British citizens on foreign soil.

Reyaad Khan, who was born in Cardiff, and Ruhul Amin, from Aberdeen, were self-styled jihadis. They were, we are told, plotting barbaric attacks on UK soil, so without being tried and convicted, without being formally charged, without being arrested, without even being accused in any judicial or public forum, a decision was taken and implemented to snuff out their lives using RAF drones. Both men were killed on August 21. In authorising this act of murder, Cameron is following in the footsteps of Barack Obama who authorised the murder of Anwar al-Awlaki who was killed in a drone strike on September 30, 2011; al-Awlaki was an American citizen born and bred.

On the BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme, September 8, a barrister was asked about the legality of this. His reply was not encouraging. Cameron had apparently authorised this murder on the advice of the Attorney General, whom he described as very inexperienced and very likely a yes man.

The public response to this new revelation has so far been limited but positive. Before though anyone celebrates the deaths of these two misguided individuals, they should ask themselves this question, if it is okay to execute British citizens on foreign soil without the slightest pretence of due process, why not here? Heck, hasn’t Anjem Choudary been accused of virtually the same thing, inciting jihadis to attack us? Wouldn’t it be better for all concerned – apart from him, of course – if Choudary were to be targeted by a drone on the way to his next public meeting, or perhaps he could be gunned down by a police marksman? Heck, we could even get creative and use a poison umbrella as in the 1978 Markov case, or lace his halal coffee with polonium. Perhaps Cameron should phone Vladimir Putin and ask him to contract a couple of independent specialists for the job?

If all that sounds facetious, bear in mind there are plans afoot to combat extremism – so-called – with a comprehensive raft of legislation which promises hefty legal sanctions for those who do not endorse British values, values which include homosexuality, faith in our wonderful police force, and snitching anonymously on your neighbours. It is to be presumed that anyone who does not endorse such values enthusiastically – like most Moslems – is an enemy of the people, and who knows what they might be doing behind closed doors? First they came for the jihadis, then they’ll come for Choudary, and unless you stop them soon, they will come for you.

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