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Would Trump Be Bad For Black America?

Donald Trump

The endorsement of Donald Trump by some elements of the black church may have come as a surprise to many people, but realistically he needs to win a reasonable percentage of the black vote if he is going to have any chance of becoming the President. The fact that Pastor Scott and other blacks who are not necessarily right wing have done so is a good sign, because although Obama has had some success with US foreign policy, what the country needs now is to concentrate on its own people rather than saving the world from ISIS or whatever it is called next week. So how and why would blacks be better off under Trump?

The bottom line is that racism is not the problem they face, the bleatings of Spike Lee aside. Blacks make up a large percentage of both the underclass and blue collar workers, people in low skilled and manual jobs. The reality is that these jobs are not there anymore. Detroit was once a major producer of automobiles; it is now a centre of urban decay with a massive crime problem. That pattern is repeated across what was once the industrial heartland of the country.

The decline of what might be called the black community has also been exacerbated by fanciful ideas of integration that have nothing to do with their real interests. In 1954, the contrived desegregation decision in Brown v Topeka led to the ludicrous belief that a black pupil could not achieve his full potential unless he sat next to a white one. The equally misguided civil rights movement led to the further disintegration of black urban life. Up until the 1960s, black musicians made a good living on the Chitlin’ Circuit; black owned businesses thrived. They may have lived in the ghetto, but with desegregation, the doctor, the accountant, the professional person…moved out, and the ghetto was transformed into the hood, the equivalent of sink estates in the UK where all the problem families, single mothers and drug addicts are dumped. In short, there was no sense of community anymore. This heralded the break up of the black family, with a staggering number of one parent households, and single mothers shacking up with successions of men in turn.

Trump is obviously opposed by those blacks who have benefited from affirmative action – mostly academics, bureaucrats and those whose work produces nothing of value – but his plan to rebuild American’s infrastructure and revive its manufacturing base will benefit the working class, black or otherwise. What use is equality if you don’t have money in your pocket?

Of course, even if Trump is elected it remains to be seen if the special interests and lobbyists he has made so much capital out of opposing will allow him to have his way; Obama had the same problem, as did his predecessor as will the predecessor of Trump or whoever wins next time, but of the last four presidents: two – Obama and Clinton – have been lawyers, while Bush Junior and Senior although businessmen were both very much part of the corporate establishment, and in the pockets of those same special interests. Can an independent businessman with a reputation for thinking outside the box really be any worse than the alternative? And what if he decides to close down the Federal Reserve?


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