15 Minute Manifestation – FRIENDLY REVIEW… did it work??

review for 15 minute manifestation

Sounds and vibrations play such a big and crucial part of our existence.

Music, for instance, is the reason the world unites.

There are films and games which sound effects play the most vital part of- especially to make them more believable.

Sounds to make you fall asleep, or help you overcome fear and anxiety. Those sounds exist, and they help big time.

But, how about incorporating these sounds into making your dreams come true? Is it really a thing?

Or are we just making things up just to have content to provide you with?

You’re probably thinking, “there is literally no way some sounds found on the internet can make my life-long dreams to life. What are you talking about? Are you guys nuts?”

Well… you and your judgment can now go because we will prove you wrong. Just kidding, don’t leave us just yet.

At least hear us out?

In this review article, let us walk you through this program that was quite and is still popular.

If you’re here for it and getting sick of us not being straight to the point, well then we need you to lengthen your patience more. Tee hee.

But then again, we are not here to pitch you the program and make money off of you. We are here to present you with facts and news (about the program). That is all.

So… what are these particular sounds you need to subsume in order to achieve your aspirations in life, you ask?

15 Minute Manifestation- What is it All About?

attract unlimited wealth and more
15 Minute Manifestation is a set of a three 15 minute downloadable eBook and audio file program that is designed to “re-program” our subconscious mind to help us in manifesting our dreams in life.

It is said to be a personal development product that helps with removing the negative barriers that are hindering you in accepting and attracting positive things.

It is about speaking to our subconscious mind and transforming our underlying conditioning so our attention is finally free to focus on abundance.

According to the author/creator, this program combines subliminal programming and sound wave therapy called Hemi-sync that contains “binaural beats“.

These sound waves are specifically and specially created to rewire all the unwanted thought patterns that have been holding you back from achieving what you’ve been wanting to achieve all your life.

It’s kind of a cliche, we know.

There are tons of programs and courses on the internet that literally promise the same thing that you probably think are just trying to rip you off than help you.

But, we truly hope you’ll give this one a chance.

Think about Spotify or Apple Music. This program is just like those applications, but only even more fun because they have an even better purpose- and that is to help you.

Basically, 15-Minute Manifestation is meditation paraphernalia to help you manifest your dreams into reality. You’re getting it yet?

Okay, but how does it do that, exactly?

How Does the Program Work?

rewire your brain
It is a literal meaning of its name- 15 Minute + manifest.

It is set to “rewire” our brain to effortlessly manifest the life of our dreams.

With its 3 sets of 15-minute audio files, you get to set and get your goals in life you didn’t know you’re capable of achieving until this program.

To get better results, you need to invest 15 minutes of your time every single day for 21 days.

A huge part of our body is controlled by our subconscious mind, and the reality we’ve been living in the past is based on 3 things:

  1. The story we tell ourselves and other people
  2. Our limiting beliefs; and
  3. Our judgments and fear of consequences

Those 3 things above are what the author calls, “The Editor“.

THE EDITORthe editor

The Editor is the “seed” within our subconscious mind. It is our subconscious programming.

No matter how helpful new information we learn, The Editor seems to edit a lot of details out, keeping us distracted, and limiting our knowledge and what we can do.

The Editor forces us to focus on what we don’t want. The tendency is, we’re being diverted from the things that we REALLY want.

Now, 15-Minute Manifestation comes into play by helping you on how to spike through The Editor and finally putting an end to these false beliefs.

15 Minute Manifestation will teach you exactly how to “reprogram” The Editor to help you automatically attract abundances in your life.

Sounds really far-fetched, no?

But wait for a few more details about this program and see if it helps you weigh your decision.

As we were saying… The Editor is kind of a bummer for creating difficulties in your subconscious mind.

Until we reprogram and/or “update” this “bummer”, we’ll never be able to do what we truly desire in life.

2 Main Forms of Energyforms of energy

  • The Wave– when everything exists in pure possibility.
  • The Particle– the reality. Our reality. The NOW.

What’s Inside 15 Minute Manifestation?

15 minute manifestation package
As we’ve been saying for the last few sections, 15 Minute Manifestation is an audio application that uses theta frequency tracks that helps with accessing your resourceful creative thinking.

To create a unique and immersive listening experience, they use recorded high-quality REAL sounds of nature e.g: rain, ocean waves, streambeds, and wind.

The program is consists of 3 main components:

  • A 12-page start-up guide in PDF format on how and when to use the tracks


Track #1: Your Natural Stateyour natural state

Resets the brain to the condition it was when we were born- rich and endless possibilities and positivities.

Track #2: Your New Storyyour new story

All the negative circumstances that used to own our attention just naturally fall far away… and gone, and get replaced with what we truly want.

We will get to know how to stop thinking negatively.

Track #3: Moving Towards Abundance
moving towards abundance
15 Minute Manifestation

It helps with focusing our attention on telling our new story of abundances and prosperity.


A 30-minute track with audio medication to help you fall asleep and/or sleep better than usual, almost “like a baby“.

It uses delta frequencies to put your mind into deep relaxation helping you sleep peacefully.

    • Manifestation Wizardry (bonus eBook)manifestation wizardry

Talks about the introduction to the Law of Attraction and how it works.

About the Creator

who is eddie sergey
Eddie Sergey is the author of 15 Minute Manifestation. He is a renowned personal development coach and an experienced internet marketer.

We’re pretty positive you’re a little skeptical about him because he’s literally nowhere to be found on the internet.

It is normal. Authors are entitled to using pen names just like celebrities and artists use “stage names” to protect their identity.

Eddie had sort of told a little bit of his life story on the sales page/video, and to be perfectly honest, we couldn’t care less about programs with authors who use pen names.

There are tons of creators who do the same but the products are still reliable. So there. 🙂

It all started when Eddie’s mom had given him a cassette tape to listen to when he was sick as a kid. started in a cassette tape

From there, Eddie had figured out how he could take the path to success, and eventually got there. He believed, and he got it.


What about the price of his program?

See that section earlier where we showed you what you’re going to get if you purchased 15-Minute Manifestation?

Well, get all of it for just $49 (then $97). How’s that?!?

Are there any upsells?

Yes, there are.

There is a section with 3 optional upsells inside the member’s area.

These upsells are the FF:

  • ($67) 15 Minute Money Magic 
  • ($47) 15 Minute Health Reboot 
  • ($47) 15 Minute Relationship Magic 

Pros and Cons?


  • Digital Product
  • Portable
  • Calming and relaxing audio
  • Scientifically proven
  • Risk-free purchase
  • Doesn’t require learning
  • Life-changing tracks
  • You only need just 15 minutes of your day
  • 1 YEAR MONEY-BACK IRONCLAD!!!365-day money-back guarantee


  • May not work for everyone
  • Lacking information
  • Vague
  • Needs commitment

Is it a Scam?

Eddie Sergey might be a “John Doe” on the web but his creation is in no way a scam.

There are proven reviews and feedback from people who purchased the program that it actually does work.

As what we’ve listed on the “cons”, products like this needs commitment in order to achieve results.

You can’t just go around accusing something of being a “scam” just because it did not work for you or to anyone you know. Commitment and mindset is the key to this.

Having said that, we believe that nobody is ever going to be allowed to judge whether this program is a scam or not, but we have to, and we said what we said- it isn’t.

Feel free to prove us wrong, though.

Let’s Wrap it Up!

Yay! Another review is finally done for y’all!

We hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve written, and if what we have provided you was not enough for your liking, please let us know in the comment section below.

We are all capable of higher knowledge and learnings and we can definitely utilize these experiences in achieving our dreams into reality.

Programs and products are actually not the way to attain something in our lives. We only need to have strong willpower and mind to get everything done the way we like it.

Applications like 15-Minute Manifestation is just an excuse to finally get our butt put in the work, where in reality, we can totally achieve great things on our own.shrugs

But of course, there’s nothing wrong in aiding ourselves with a little item to get us started. True?

Wellppp, that’s about it for today, folks!

Share this review with your friends, and let us all be besties!

‘Til our next product review. Ciao for now! 🙂


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