BIKINI BODY WORKOUTS – My Friendly Review!!! it worked?

review for bikini body workouts

There are days when we just not like how we look in front of the mirror.

The struggle of getting up every single day to just feel unenthusiastic and powerless altogether.

The reason? Our body.

I don’t speak for all the women, but personally, it bothers me to realize that I am slowly gaining weight and that alone is already exasperating.

That was an understatement actually, but you get the idea for sure.

Well, yeah, at some point, I did this to myself.

I couldn’t fully blame the food, can I? It’s all on me. It’s on me for being a carb maniac and feeling lazy enough to hit the gym.

Okay, feel free to judge me. I can live with that.

But hey, don’t you wanna know why I am capable of doing this review?

Simple. I want to change. For the better.

I’m not young forever, and sooner than later, I might be gawking at ladies doing their workout routines while I’m strapped in a wheelchair.

Ugh, just thinking about it makes me hate myself.

I once had the “bikini body” but I took it for granted, now is the time that I totally regret not taking care of it.gained weight

I’m not gonna make you wait any longer, so let’s hit the road, yeah?

Before we continue, everything that I’m going to share with you in this review is nothing but my observation and opinion.

I’ve studied the program and poured my heart into brainstorming the subject matter to help you decide later.

Let’s hit it?

Bikini Body Workouts- What Is It About?

bikini body homepage
Bikini Body Workouts is an online workout system designed to help women get in shape. Sound familiar, huh?

It is a program dedicated entirely to women who want to lose those extra pounds off- a manual, a step-by-step guide on how to do a certain workout technique that you can do at the comfort of your home.

I mean, you get it. There are women who barely hit the gym, but really want to shred some excess body flab. So this system totally makes sense.

As per the sales page, this system will get you the body you deserve and have been aching to have in just 60 days.

So in a span of 2 months, it is really possible to have a body to die for?

I don’t know, but this sounds odd to me.

Like, really? Your dream body in 2 months?bikini body in 60 days

It claims to be the “not-your-typical” workout program, but how is it, really?

Keep reading to know more, I guess.

According to the website, Bikini Body Workouts is not a diet.

It sure isn’t, in a literal sense, but how does workout programs work without the help of diet?

Again, let me just put a disclaimer here one more time: everything I put in this review is nothing but my opinion.

Whatever you’ve seen on other people’s reviews regarding this particular program will not, in any possible way, affect our decisions about it.

Moving on… how does it really work?

Is it really possible to lose weight and not going on a diet? Keep going…

How Does It Work?

Here comes the section for anyone wondering how does this program work, because honestly, it’s quite confusing. I know.

As I’ve just mentioned earlier in the previous section, Bikini Body Workouts is not a typical workout program.

It’s not a diet, either.

It gives its users the most efficient, thorough, and fun transformation “anyone can ever imagine”.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a couch potato and just starting out, or a gym rat, you know, a little advanced… because either way, this program is for you.

Each workout takes approximately 45 minutes, you invest less than 3 hours each week so you still have time to enjoy your life while getting your body bikini-ready.

It doesn’t care what level of fitness you are at because it has got your back regardless.

Apart from that, BBW doesn’t limit you from doing the things you enjoy doing.


Things You Can (still) Do While Using the Program:

  • Eat whatever food you fancy. GUILT-FREE. You don’t have to starve yourself, because that is way unhealthy.
  • You can definitely enjoy working out because the program and its exercises are fun and exciting to do, but also effective.
  • Get a tone, firm, and lean frame without losing your feminine shape.
  • Do you have a full-time job? No worries since this is a
  • and so much more…

Are you convinced? Or you still need some time to process this?

Well, you’re right about that. We still need more evidence so we could decide whether or not to purchase, am I right?

Here goes…

What’s Inside the Program?

components of bikini body workouts
Once you purchase the BBW system from, you will instantly have access to these components:

  • Online Instructional Exercise Videos

Jen, the creator, gives you expert instructions in each video on how to do certain exercises, you’ll know how to perform, so you wouldn’t have to deal with injuries whatsoever.

  • Workout Guide

A step-by-step workout guide that lays out every single exercise, set, rep, and rest period. Get a bikini body without any guesswork. Sounds good?

  • Nutrition Guide

Feel free to enjoy healthy and delicious foods without counting your calorie intake and still watch the pounds “drop off”. Know what and when to eat.

  • Supplement List

Get an inside scoop on the actual supplements that make a huge difference in how you look and feel.

  • Comprehensive Shopping List

This list helps you make the most out of every trip to the grocery store, so you don’t have to worry about picking out unnecessary food/ingredients and whatnot.

  • 21-Day Booty Blast

This program gives you 10-minute workouts for glorious glutes. Pair your butt with your firmed strong

Now that you’ve somehow been given light at what are the components of this program, any thoughts about it so far?

Nothing still?

How Much Does It Cost?

You can get instant access to everything for only $29.99. Make it $30, I guess, but still a bit cheap to me, if you ask for my opinion.

Compared to other workout programs out in the market, BBW is way more affordable. If you think of this as a bluff, I dare you to look for other programs the same as Bikini Body, go back here, and then prove me otherwise.

Given the stuff that you can immediately get, this program is of a reasonable price. Please, feel free to prove me wrong on this one. I dare ya.

Well, let me cut the blabbers and allow me to give you some deets about the creator of Bikini Body Workouts. 😉

The Creator- Jen Ferruggia

who is jen ferruggia
Jen Ferruggia is a fitness specialist, former star athlete, and a “coach for all women”.

She believes that the core of true success is love, and that includes loving yourself enough to take good care of yourself.

Jen strives to be a positive role model promoting fitness and wellness with the approach that it’s never too late to start your journey.

She dedicates her time to her true passion for fitness and health. She loves to train but she’s also a foodie and enjoys cooking. (How do you do that, Jen?)

She works with thousands of women around the world to help them achieve the body that they have always wanted to obtain.jen ferruggia

Hence the Bikini Body Workouts. No doubt about that.

Women like Jen deserves the recognition they deserve for considering other women and their condition.

To see more of her, you can check her out on her Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube account, although her Youtube is outdated, it still has her old workout videos you can get inspiration from.

Way to go, Jen!



  • Available instantly
  • Reasonable price
  • Ideal for all levels of fitness
  • Can be done at the convenience of your home
  • It includes a nutrition guide
  • It is digital so you can freely perform it anywhere; portable
  • 100% 60-day money-back guaranteedmoney-back guarantee


  • You still need basic workout equipment for some exercises
  • Results take time, although they claim that it will only take you 60 days to notice the difference
  • Digital; no physical product (yep, this might be a con for some)

Is It a Scam?

Jen has proven herself worthy of the praises she’s been gaining since the Bikini Body Workouts program.

I couldn’t blame the admiration and why people swear to this system. You’ve seen the content and its creator who, I swear to Almighty, is a really gorgeous and a genius woman altogether.

So to answer this shameful but relevant question- NO, I don’t think Bikini Body Workouts is a scam. It isn’t.

It works for people, women particularly, who believe in themselves and in the healthy

I personally believe that if you put your trust into something and/or someone, two things will bound to happen: 1) it’s either delivers you what it promises; or 2) break your heart ’cause of incompetence.

Either way, it’s not a sin to want to make yourself better for the better. Fair enough?

Final Say

Wow! I’ve enjoyed being with you on this fun journey we shared together. I hope you have, too.

As a woman myself, I am really determined to ultimately take on a new lifestyle that will potentially better my life more.

You could say that learning about Bikini Body Workouts has made me finally decide to do it, but it’s a good thing, don’t you think?

The long awful walk of shame I’d felt when I pass by a fitness gym while holding a box of doughnuts will soon be over.

Because I am now in control of my mind and body. I want to go for it and do it for myself, but mostly I want to be healthy for the future me.self care

How about you? What have you finally decided to do after finally finishing this entire review article?

Are you gonna purchase the BBW, too?

If you’re going for it, I am impressed and proud.

If you’re not, then please, take your time to fully know yourself.

Until our next product review! I hope I have given you enough light about the program. Tee hee.

D’you have something in mind you want TLN to look at next? Leave us a line down there!

Gracias and ciao for now! 🙂 :*

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