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review for cinderella solution


Quick question, how are you all on this fine day?

We hope you’re taking good care of yourself. Don’t forget your vitamins, and oh, sunscreen when you’re planning to go out!

But you know what? The reality is… it is so easy to tell other people to take care of themselves, but it’s friggin hard to actually do self-care.

Now, tell us, what are your daily routines to keep your physique and mental health in an excellent state?

Have you been working out? Have you been incorporating a healthy diet? If yes, we’re stoked to know that! If not, we can’t really blame you.

For all the women out there, ladies, are you happy with what you see in front of the mirror? Nope! We are not going to body-shame, nor tell you what this society has been itching to insist on you.

We are here to tell you that you are beautiful and that you don’t need to change anything on your body- IF you don’t want to.

Apparently, though, being healthy should always be on our top priority list; and, whether we like it or not, what we do in our daily lives is going to affect us one way or another.

Now you might be skeptical as to what our motive in this article really is.

Is it to shame the girls? Is it to tell them how they should live their lives? Or is it to actually rip you off?

Well, none of the above mentioned! It’s the opposite, actually.

In this review article, let us do the honor by letting you get to know this program that is specifically made for WOMEN.

Are you settled?

But first, let us talk about how hormones affect women’s metabolism and such. Yeah?

How Do Hormones Affect Our Metabolism

Hormones are chemical “agents” that monitor processes in our body. Hormones and metabolism are quite intertwined with one another.

When we’re overweight, we have levels of hormones that encourage abnormal metabolism making the body start to restore and accumulate fats.

To give you a better look, we will list down different types of hormones that affect our metabolism, appetite, and excess body fat distributions.

  • Insulin– it is a polypeptide hormone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism. It allows our body to use glucose (sugar) from carbohydrates in the food that we consume.
  • Leptin– a protein hormone produced in adipose tissue that plays a role in regulating appetite and metabolism.
  • Estrogen– the primary female sex hormone that is responsible for the development and regulation of the female reproductive system. It affects the reproductive and urinary tract, heart and blood vessels, bones, breasts, hair, skin, brain, and basically other vital parts of being in a woman’s body.
  • Androgens (FOR MEN)– a steroid hormone or male sex hormone that stimulates or controls the development and maintenance of masculine characteristics in vertebrates.
  • Growth Hormone– another protein hormone of amino acid that is synthesized secreted by cells called somatotrophs. One of its many functions in our body includes maintaining normal body structure and metabolism.
  • Cortisol– a steroid hormone or “happy” hormone that manages a wide range of processes throughout the body including metabolism and immunity. One of its crucial roles is by helping the body manage and/or respond to stress.

See how these hormones are connected with our metabolism?

During puberty (this part is for women out there), Insulin, Cortisol, and Estrogen do almost everything to make you more “appealing” to others and keeping you slender and energetic.

Now, after puberty, these hormones that are supposed to keep helping you soon start acting like brats all the way through the menopausal stage by continuously cycling the body for pregnancy each and every month.slow metabolism

There’s the insulin that used to be the “skinny-hormone“, now makes it almost impossible to lose weight causing flaps all over.

The “happy hormone” (cortisol) eventually transitions to “stress hormone“.

Finally, the “pretty hormone” that used to keep you glowing, “irresistible“, and energized now causes loose skin and cellulite.

Now, who wants that?

“Oh, shut up. Aging gracefully and naturally is a way life should be. Get off my back!”

Oh, yes, we definitely agreed. But hey, there is literally a way to actually age “gracefully” without having to deal with wrinkles at the age of 30-40!

Before we continue, though… everything we’re about to provide you with about the program is based on our opinions.

Well, it’s about time we finally show you…

Cinderella Solution- What is it About?

Cinderella Solution is a 28-day weight loss program that helps ladies reset those stubborn hormones as best as they possibly can.

There you are again getting skeptical. Yes, we’re kind of aware of other programs that do the same, too.

The difference of Cinderella from other programs probably is the process, as it takes shorter than the usual exercise program, and it kind of is less stressful.

Cinderella Solution offers an easy-to-start, simple-to-follow cure using flavor pairing rituals that hit the “reset button” on your metabolisms 3 main key fat-burning hormones: Insulin, Estrogen, and Cortisol.


Flavor pairing is reminiscent of the Shoku-Iku Program which translates to “Nutrition Architecture“. It is a guideline broken down into simple food and flavor pairing rituals used in Japan.

The primary goal of each pairing was to create “hormonal and metabolic balance to promote health, well-being, strength, and happiness from within“.

They would mix and match various food to burn fat without the need to count calorie intake.

Also, did you know that Japanese, especially women consume almost double the carbs that we usually eat?

facts about japanese women

Going back, Cinderella Solution is a digital plan/program that is considered safe, proven to work, and have rapid and rewarding results.

Since it is digital, you will never have to worry about forgetting to do or follow it since you’re always on your phone. Right?

Kidding aside, it is portable and convenient especially for our working girls out there not having the time to slip in a few minutes to exercise.

How Does it Work?

Cinderella Solution works by guiding you through the process of losing your extra body fats that you’ve been wanting to get rid of for quite a while now.

The creator incorporated the idea about the 160-year-old flavor pairing Japanese rituals.160-year-old flavor pairing ritual

Based on its name- “Cinderella Solution“, it is clearly for women only.

Not that the creator was giving women special accommodations, but truth be told, most of the workout programs being made these days are almost all produced for men.

So, let us all give the ladies this moment, shall we?

Moving on… Cinderella Solution does not work by giving you the “fairy tale” as Cinderella had. This isn’t a fairy tale. This is real life, and you will have actual results.

You will learn how to possibly increase your lifespan by incorporating a healthy diet in your lifestyle. How about that, right?

You will also learn the right food and beverages to consume to go with the exercises to reach your target weight and body healthily

The program functions well ith women ages 30 and above that have some extra pounds to lose. When our age starts to say “goodbye” to the calendar, our metabolism starts to slow down and say goodbye-bye, too.

Sucks but it’s how our body works if being treated poorly.

You also don’t have to worry about having “side effects” since you don’t have to take any tablets or capsules to take which, to be honest, are way more dangerous- no shade or anything, though.

What’s Inside and How Much is it?

cinderella solution package
Cinderella Solution program costs $37 (plus bonusessss and COUPON!!) and it consists of 2 phases- the Ignite phase and the Launch phase, each lasts for 14 days.

$100 off coupon
$100 off discount

And here are the packages you can get if you purchased the program:


The main manual has been divided into four (4) distinct parts:

Part 1: The Cinderella Solution Explained

Program’s basic introduction, how to do the food coupling and flavor pairing, and how to do simple exercises to go with your diet. In the 3rd chapter, you will get the 2 phases we’ve mentioned a few seconds ago which are the Ignite and Launch phases.

Ignite Phase (2 weeks)

The first stage of the program that will require you to eat 3x a day each at the right time. Eating at the correct time of the day helps with our metabolism.

Launch Phase (2 weeks)

At this stage, you will be required to eat 4 meals a day. Here, the flavor and food pairing will be incorporated to help with weight loss and metabolism.

part 2:Your daily nutrition blueprint book

The second part will tackle mostly about your meal plans, recipes, and 14-day calendars. You will also learn about macros and food pairing rituals what the Japanese do.

Apart from that, you will be able to know more about the Ignite and Launch phase where you will be introduced to the idea of “eating on time”.

part 3: DIY meals and flavor pairing

You will be given elaborated details about the program and how to portion your food to provide you with better results.

part 4: top 10 flavor pairs and weight loss combinations

Here you will be provided with different recipes and food combos to try out for even better outcomes

  • Quick Start Guide

A 52-page book that you look at if you feel lazy to read through the main manual. This has all the recipes, too.

  • Movement Sequencing Guide

A 30-page manual that shows exactly how the exercises are done.

  • Food Lover’s Book

Recipe booklet that contains healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dessert, and dinner.

  • (BONUS) Cinderella Acceleratorcinderella accelerator package

You can get inspiration and motivation in this part.

Broken down into 3 sections:

  1. Cinderella Accelerator: 21-Day Kickstart Nutrition Guide
  2. Cinderella Accelerator: Main Manual
  3. Cinderella Accelerator: The Movement Sequencing Activity Guide

About the Creator- Carly Donovan

carly and her child
Carly Donovan is a female weight loss specialist based in Ontario, Canada, and is the face behind the Cinderella Solution; but really though, she really is the face of her program. Tee hee.

She uses herself, her experiences, and her weight loss journey on the sales video making it even more realistic and credible.

The good thing about her program is that it wasn’t created by some famous nutritionist or fitness guru. Carly is a real woman with real personal problems concerning her body.

She’s a wife and a mother and she’s had her fair share of ups and downs especially with her health- her metabolism, resulting in the Cinderella Solution program.the day carly's life changed

She understands the real struggles women are going through.

Carly is actually a brave woman for sharing her bare self to the world; and even braver for creating such an incredible program that can help millions of women around the globe.carly donovan

Keep doing you, Carly!



  • Designed specifically for women
  • Easy-to-follow workout techniques
  • No need to keep track of calorie intakes
  • Based upon a real method
  • Positive reviews from real users (feel free to check out other reviews)
  • Optional workouts
  • Relatively cheap
  • Daily meal plans
  • Bonus packages
  • Digital (easy-to-access) product
  • 60-day money-back guaranteed60-day money-back guarantee


  • Need consistent commitment
  • The program itself can be a bit overwhelming for some
  • Results take time (of course)
  • No physical product

Is it a Scam?

What did other reviews tell you? Never mind.

It is NOT a scam.

Carly is real. The Cinderella Solution is real.

The only thing other people may find “exasperating” is the fact that the program is made only for women.girl power

As we’ve said earlier, there are literally tons of programs and exercises made ONLY for men, too.

If you, yourself, have found this program irritating because it was made for only one gender, then you’re being sexist. Women can do what men can- and yes, we’re referring to the workouts. 😎girls can definitely do it too

Again, to top this all off, Cinderella Solution is not a scam. If you purchased the program and didn’t like it, Carly offers a 60-day ironclad, so feel free to make use of it.

Capiche? 😉

Let’s Wrap This Up!

Yay! Thank you for staying with us until this far. OMG!

We’ve enjoyed giving you the information we’ve collected about this program. You have no idea how excited we were to finally write this review for y’all!

On some of our reviews, we told you guys that we are all for self-expression- and we still stand on our beliefs.

We believe that having the urge to cut some pounds is the way to a healthier and happier lifestyle… and there is literally nothing wrong with go girl

You are free to do whatever you want to do to your body. Always remember that, OK?

No one should ever make you feel otherwise, ladies, and gents.

Wellppp, ’til our next product review! We hope you have somehow had fun on this journey with us.

Ciao for now! 🙂

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