Diabetes Freedom REVIEW (friendly!)… what we think about it

review for diabetes freedom

Having a sweet tooth is both a blessing and a curse.

It can always lead to serious circumstances, and worst-case scenario, diabetes takes charge.

We know what you’re thinking- sugar = diabetes.


Diabetes can come from different factors. Sugar can be one of those factors but it cannot be the only cause…

Although it can be a contributing factor if you incorporate eating high-sugar in an unhealthy diet that causes you to become overweight which may lead to the development of Type 2 Diabetes.

However, most people tend to believe that Diabetes cannot be cured. Where did y’all come from with this idea, really?

We cannot possibly make you believe otherwise though unless you see something for yourselves- some meds that actually do its job. Are we right?

We, too, have known so many people battling with diabetes and believe us when we say that we know how hard it is for the patient and the people around them.

These patients were made to believe that these medicines work but when the complications arise, they would just tamper it with new medications. Bummer.

So in today’s review article, let us all together tackle this program that claims to combat diabetes and reverse whatever kinds of diabetes one possesses- mainly Type 2 Diabetes.

But first, let us talk about this type of diabetes. Shall we?

Are you settled?

The Type 2 Diabetes

This type of diabetes is a chronic condition that alters the way our body metabolizes glucose (sugar) which is a very powerful source of ammunition for our body.

The number 1 cause of Type 2 Diabetes is a toxin called ceramide compound. If you want to read further details about the link between these two please read on here.

Generally, this compound forces fat cells to spill into the blood and then clog important organs of the body e.g: heart, liver, and pancreas.

When the pancreas has intervened with these toxins, the body’s capacity to generate internal secretion is thwarted. The internal secretion that we were talking about is the secretion that directs our cells to absorb energy and sugar from the food we consume.effects of diabetes

And then… one thing will lead to another, and Type 2 Diabetes will happen.

This type of diabetes used to be known as adult-onset diabetes, but as time changes, youngsters are being diagnosed with this condition, most probably because childhood obesity often happens in today’s generation.

But before you get all bored, let us maybe get into this program, yeah?

Diabetes Freedom- What is it Really?

diabetes freedom main manual
Unlike other programs, Diabetes Freedom is not a medication nor a supplement that you have to intake every now and again to see results.

Although these medications are safe when prescribed, they may also have an underlying long term effect especially to the organs and systems in our body.

Diabetes Freedom is a guide- a book specifically, that teaches the patient how to counter diabetes without having the need to take any tablets whatsoever.

Sounds a little sensationalist but hear us out. We will provide you with all the details we’ve gathered to help you decide whether to get this program or skip it for good.

Going back…

This program consists of a 2-month guide to help anyone beat diabetes. We don’t know if this is true just yet, but we sure have recommended this one to our loved ones who will certainly make use of it- the ones who are diabetic, of course.

Diabetes Freedom will coach on how to use food to flush fatty deposits from our bodies.

Fatty deposits form when someone is diabetic and eventually worsen the symptoms and conditions.

Diabetes Freedom comes into play to teach you how to make nutritious food and recipes to incorporate into your diet.

This healthy diet will eventually cause toxins to be flushed out. This sounds like a lot of hard work, and it’s true. Programs like this take consistent effort for results to show up.

But, the results will totally worth the while since you don’t have to take any medications for diabetes at all- or you can. Depends on your liking.

As the name suggests, Diabetes Freedom is designed to help you shift your Type 2 Diabetes and be free from this kind for good.

How Does it Work?

Diabetes Freedom talks about how to eventually release the patient from the grip of this condition (Diabetes).

It provides our body the phytonutrients needed to wash out the ceramide compound and ultimately stop fat from expanding in our bloodstream and barring our arteries.

These phytonutrients are composites that help to counterbalance the foreign agents present in the blood and need to be blended in your diet really bad to destroy all the fats that cause diabetes in most people.

Diabetes Freedom works by removing toxic fats from our body to get the pancreas back to its original position and get back to secreting insulin that keeps the blood sugar up to normal level and eventually “reversing” the Type 2 Diabetes.be free from diabetes

In order to achieve a drastic and effective outcome, Diabetes Freedom comes into the picture by stopping you from intaking unhealthy food and replacing them with healthy ones you should eat, doesn’t matter if you’re diagnosed or not though since prevention is better than cure.

This program also makes a little tweak at your lifestyle (that is if you have an unhealthy one), to religiously improve your condition.

What’s Inside the Program?

This program is divided into a 3-step approach to finally combat Diabetes so you can finally get back to being happy and healthy.steps one to three

These 3 approaches are:

  • Step 1: The Pancreas Restart Nutrition Planthe pancreas restart nutrition plan

A temporary nutrition plan that targets and destroys the white fat cells that are clogging up our insides.

When the pancreas starts to fire again in a couple of weeks, we will be regulating blood sugar on our own again, which means Type 2 Diabetes goes into reduction.

This step includes this five-part video course to beat diabetes:video course

  1. Methods to beat cravings and stay on track easily which means the path to reversing diabetes will be a “breeze“.
  2. How to detox the liver and flush out toxins for increased energy, better digestion, clearer skin, and enhanced memory.
  3. Five detox teas that melt fat cells, beat cravings, and lower blood sugar level in just a few minutes.
  4. 7 key fat loss shortcuts that nobody tells us about, because “they’re much too powerful“, and nope, it isn’t keto.
  5. Tastiest desserts that you can enjoy without having to worry once about blood sugar.

Apart from those above, you will also get the secret spice that you should take before any meal on a “cheat day“- this is a secret spice that is proven to lower blood sugar by 30%.

  • Step 2: The Metabolism-Boosting Blueprintthe metabolism-boosting blueprint

You’ll get several proven 2-minute routines that you can do from home to keep your fat-burning mechanisms burning white fat all day.

You will also find out the 3 blood sugar lowering drinks that you can have to keep your levels healthy if you happen to have indulged on vacation or at the restaurant.

These proven metabolism-boosting methods not only work to balance blood sugar and keep diabetes at bay, but they also work in the background by lowering blood pressure levels, clearing our arteries out, melting excess fat away, and boosting our energy.

The final step will be…

  • Step 3: Meal-Timing Strategies that Reverse Type 2 Diabetesmeal-timing strategies that reverse diabetes type 2

This easy-to-follow guide will show you schedules on what time you can eat certain foods such as carbs or desserts.

The following components are also included:

  1. The 60-second breakfast trick that helps you stay full, beat cravings, and increases your energy at the same time.
  2. Tasty snacks you can safely eat when you feel hungry between meals.
  3. Timing strategies that result in deeper sleep, enhanced energy levels, and melting fat from your belly, buns, back, and thighs.
  4. You will also find some other surprise free bonus programs in the member’s area.

Now, here is a look at what you can get in the member’s area:

  • Main Manual
  • Meal Preparation Guide
  • Stay Young Foreverstay young forever program
  • 33 Power Foods for Diabetics33 power foods for diabetics
  • Fat-Burning Blueprintfat-burning blueprint
  • and the rest are videos which the goal is to essentially help you fight diabetes, of course.

How Much is the Program?price of the course

Hey, hold up. Don’t scroll too fast just yet. This program will not cause you thousands of bucks just like treatments and hospitals do!

This doesn’t plan on ripping you off just to get you the results you want.

For the price of $37, you will get the entire program (including bonuses) without having to break the bank. How does that sound to you?checkout for 37

Not only that but when you lurk on their sales page, you will get the chance to have a $10 off voucher for your first purchase that you can make use of!discounted price

Are the deets overwhelming? We sure hope not. Now, let’s get to know the creators. 😉

About the Creators

who is george reilly
Were you hoping for creators with identities, too?

Well, as most of the programs today, some authors and/or creators like not to be in the spotlight.

Not that they’re “scam” or that they’re just after your money, but that’s just how they want it- to use pen names and be unidentified.

George Reilly and James Freeman are the creators of the program.

You might be skeptical as to why they chose not to be known, and we’re kind of certain that other reviews have already poisoned your mind into thinking that Diabetes Freedom and its creators are a scam, but we will all leave the decision entirely to you.

If you’ve been a fan of books and even celebrities, you will know the importance of pseudonyms e.g pen names and stage names and why is it necessary for authors to use such.

We will not keep you in this section any longer, and we definitely don’t want you to think of us as being defensive, so let’s now move on, shall we?



  • A natural approach to treating diabetes
  • Detailed program
  • Pocket friendly
  • Easy-to-follow guide
  • 100% money-back ironcladmoney-back guaranteed


  • Can only be purchased online.
  • No physical products, only digital.

Is it a Scam?

Even if we said it isn’t, we’re pretty sure you’ve already been affected by other reviews you have found on the internet.

We’re still hoping that you try the program and come back in this article to prove us wrong, “reverse” our opinion, and then we will surely negotiate. Tee hee.

Moving on, we don’t think Diabetes Freedom is a scam nor its creators. We hope you could respect our judgment for we have put time and effort into this review to help you weigh your options.

Whether you get the program or not, our opinion will not be inverted, unless our loved ones who use it will tell us otherwise or you (if you have actually purchased it, of course.)

It’s a Wrap!

We hope that you somehow got the idea as to what this program does in helping people beat Diabetes.

If you happen to be here because you’re planning to get yours, then we’re genuinely happy for you. We would love to hear how it helps you or your loved ones.

We are in this together. Diabetes has a cure. Don’t lose hope just yet because life is beautiful- it may be hard, sure, but it is beautiful with all the learnings and good things coming our way.

Discipline is the key to having a healthy mind and body. Without it, programs, courses, and even treatments will be useless.stay healthy

But we’re sure you know that.

Welllp, another day, another review done for you!

We were kind of stoked to make this one for you since people have once again started indulging in foods, especially sweet ones over the past few months.

Just always remember that whatever you decide to do (to purchase or not), we are all for you.

Just let us hear your stories about how diabetes affects/have affected you or someone you know, maybe this program is for you, after all.

Until our next review! In the meantime, please leave us a line about what product should we look into next for our next review. Pretty please?

Ciao for now! 🙂

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