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Individualogist Review

Before we start, let me ask you. Do you really know yourself? 

I mean, we probably know our likes, dislikes, and whatnot. But to really know and understand yourself is another thing. To know the things you’re good at and to know your weaknesses is something not all of us are aware of.

Most especially our weaknesses. It’s hard, to be honest and admit that you are weak and that there are things that you can’t control. Well, maybe, that’s just me. But still, I believe that some of you may agree on this one, right?

But then again, we shouldn’t forget to look at things from a different perspective. Yes, there are instances that you can’t take control of, and that’s completely okay. You don’t have to always have your life together.

Furthermore, life is too short to worry about things that won’t matter in the next years. What’s important is that you could know more about who you are and what you’re capable of as a person.

And good thing, online tests that help us get to know ourselves are readily available for us to take, just like this program called, Individualogist.

I know you’re probably wondering, “Are these online tests accurate?”

“Will it help me understand myself better?”

“Or, is this program just a scam like the others?”

Well, in this Individualogist review, we will try to answer all of that in a bit. And hopefully, by the end of this review, you’ll get to decide whether the program is what you’re really looking for.

What is Individualogist?

Have you experienced the feeling of wanting to do something that’s entirely out of your comfort zone? Something that you’ve been wanting to do ever since but just can’t? It’s like there’s a force in your mind that’s pulling you back from unleashing your potential. Ever wondered what’s that?

Premium Archetypal Analysis Reviews

That part of your brain is called the amygdala. It is responsible for processing emotions, one of which is fear. Basically, this part of the brain is what’s holding you back. It brings you back into the state of homeostasis that blocks your potential. I know you might still be confused, but don’t worry. We will discuss this more later on.

Now, here comes Individualogist, a guide that will help you get to know your archetype. It reveals your personalized path to give you a further understanding of your life’s direction. Apart from that, it allows you to unlock your true potential to have the life you’re destined to live.

All it takes is to answer basic questions about yourself on their website, and boom! You’ll be given an explanation of your own archetype. This includes your weaknesses and how to overcome them, and it gives you an idea of what your future would look like.

So basically, Individualogist is a guide that outlines your path towards self-discovery. Moreover, it also guides you towards self-improvement and growth.

Archetypal Integration

Now to explain further, let’s first discuss archetype. Archetype exists in your unconscious mind. It is something that influences our actions without us knowing.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the amygdala is the one responsible for fear. It is the part of the brain that’s stopping you from unlocking your true potential. Breaking away from your amygdala is one of the secrets of successful people nowadays.

So breaking away from what restricts you is entirely possible. But how?

This is where archetypal integration comes in. Breaking away from your amygdala is not just as simple as what you think. It must undergo a process, which is the archetypal integration.

It is the one that aligns your mind with breaking down those barriers that limit you from doing whatever you want. When you master the art of archetypal integration, you’ll be reformed as someone with a clear goal and direction.

How Does It Work?

Individualogist is so simple that all it takes is less than a minute to reveal your personalized report.

Once there, fill in the necessary information required, such as your name and birthday.

Then after that, you’ll see these three different steps that contain your readings, such as:

    1. Your strengths and calling
    2. Your obstacles and weaknesses
    3. The path to abundance

But keep in mind that those readings are kind of like an introduction only. The good thing about this is that you’ll get to learn about yourself, and it’s free.

However, you can get the Premium Archetypal Analysis, which provides even more in-depth and personalized readings. It is divided into five phases. These phases are in the form of downloadable eBooks. So you can read it even offline.

What’s Inside The Premium Archetypal Analysis?

Phase 1: The Individuation Fundamentals

individuation fundamentals

This is where the transformation begins. It includes a detailed explanation of the steps as you go through the process.

The first phase includes 41 pages. It reveals the secrets to individualization and the archetypal integration process.

Phase 2: Your Archetypal Incarnations

archetypal incarnation

The second phase is where the actual process of transformations begins. It basically answers your questions regarding your archetype. In this phase, you’ll get a deeper understanding of who you really are and your capabilities as a person.

Phase 3: Your Archetypal Profile

phase three

The third phase has 52 pages full of information about your behavior, emotional, and spiritual tendencies. It eliminates all the negative energies, so you’ll shift to a new perspective in life.

Phase 4: Your Archetypal Odyssey


The fourth phase prepares you for any obstacles that may come. It helps you see whatever trials that your archetype may face. In this way, you’ll be more confident that you can conquer anything.

Furthermore, it is where you’ll get to transform permanently. The fourth phase comprises of 59 pages in total.

Phase 5: Your Archetypal Exercise Guide

exercise guide

Compared with the first four, the last phase is actually the shortest, with only 36 pages. This fifth phase is where you’ll put everything into action. Meaning, you’ll now be applying the realizations and wisdom imparted to you.

This can be done in a series of cognitive and emotional exercises. Thus, you can now see how things will slowly go into place. You’ll get to radiate positive energy, and you’ll get to see a clearer path towards success.

But wait… There’s MORE!


Yes, you read it right! Upon purchasing the premium eBooks, you’ll also get to have five additional bonuses.

  • Active Imagination Guide

It has 35 pages of meditative techniques that will help your imagination come alive. Basically, this will enhance your archetypal integration through active imagination.

  • Dream Analysis Guide

As the title says, it includes different interpretations of your dreams. It allows you to understand what your unconscious state is trying to tell you. Furthermore, it analyzes your dream to uncover hidden truths within yourself.

  • Exploring Your Birthdate With The Chinese Zodiac

If you’re interested in astrology, then I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one. It includes 28 pages of predictions based on your Chinese Zodiac. It allows you to make use of the yin and yang energies as your guide in life.

  • Discovering Your Aura 

Each one of us gives out certain auras. With the use of this eBook, you’ll get learn how to identify and interpret aura. Moreover, it has 27 pages that teach you the ways on how to see one’s aura.

  • Feng Shui Paradigm Guide

Feng Shui doesn’t necessarily correspond to cultural beliefs. In fact, it is a matter of scientific elements, just like Math and Science. This book has 39 pages that will help you understand further how Feng Shui works.

How Much Does It Cost?

After giving you a preview of the things that you’ll get, I’m pretty sure you’re curious to know its cost, right?


The premium version of the Individualogist originally retails for $97. Pricey, I know. But as part of their special promo, you can get it at a lesser price of $37. Keep in mind that this is for a limited time only.

Furthermore, you’ll also get a 60-day money-back guarantee. Basically, if ever you feel like this didn’t help you at all, you can always go ahead and contact their support. With no questions asked, you’ll get a 100% refund.

Pros and Cons


    • Simple and easy to understand.
    • It has comprehensive step-by-step guides throughout the transformation process.
    • The main idea of the program is applicable in your daily life.
    • User-friendly regardless of your age.
    • Since it is personalized, you can easily connect and relate to it.
    • It retails at a reasonable price.
    • It includes techniques to unleash your true self and unlock your potential.
    • The eBooks can be downloaded and read offline.
    • You can get a 100% money-back guarantee.
    • It is backed up with and reviews and testimonials from users.


    • Only available for purchase at their official website.
    • It doesn’t come with hard copies, so it requires an internet connection for you to access it.
    • You need to give it time for you to see the desired results.
    • It is recommended to follow the steps carefully for it to effectively work.

Is It A Scam?

You probably have read previous reviews about Individualogist before seeing mine, right? And almost all of them are giving this program positive reviews. This is because Individualogist is not a scam.

Yes, it isn’t any like those online tests claiming to read through you. What makes Individualogist different is that it’s personalized only for you and your archetype.

So you’ll definitely relate to it quickly and see that it does work. If you want more proof, then you can always check out other websites for more feedback and reviews.

Final Thoughts

Individualogist Reviews

And now for my final thoughts, drum rolls, please. Just kidding!

But in all seriousness, apart from the free online quizzes and tests out there, Individualogist distinguishes itself to provide more in-depth readings. I think this is the most accurate you’ll get compared with the others.

Why? This is because Individualogist was created on a scientific basis. Basically, it is based not just on astrology whatsoever. It is based on psychology and the 12 “Jungian” archetypes by Carl Jung.

That’s what makes Individualogist different among the others. Most of all, it allows you to go out of your comfort zone. It lets you do things that you were scared of doing and unleash your potentials.

However, Individualogist only serves as your guide in life. It only lets you get a better reflection of what your actions meant. Honestly, your success would still depend on your own decisions and not on what the book says about you.

Again, I’m not one to tell you to buy this or not. But let me ask you for the last time, “Are you ready to transform yourself for the better?

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