LeptoConnect REVIEW + Let’s keep it REAL, does it work??

review for leptoconnect

As a result of the pandemic, many of us are now struggling from a few pounds we’ve gained over the last months. Nothing wrong about gaining some, of course.

However, are you still as healthy as you were pre-pandemic? Have you gained the right nutrients our body needs?

You don’t have to worry or recall all the food you stuff in, we are not here to judge your choices. We, too, are quite “guilty” consuming unhealthy food, and that is totally okay.

We were in the middle of a pandemic, and as a matter of fact, so many of us are yet to survive the pit of Coronavirus, and satisfying our cravings during those times is never a crime… at all.

But with all that being said, many have also turned to tablets and pills to rip those extra pounds off.

Again, TOTALLY cool.

In fact, in today’s review article, let us discuss this latest artifact called “LeptoConnect” that we’re quite positive a handful of you will find it fascinating.

What is it and How Does it Work?

what is leptoconnect
The sales page described the product as “the only 100% natural blend” designed to help one lose extra pounds by supporting the good functioning of your leptin receptors.

In order for you to get where we’re heading at, let us give you a quick look at what leptin is…


Leptin is a protein produced by fat cells that is a hormone acting mainly in the regulation of appetite and fat storage. It interacts with areas of the brain that control hunger, behavior, and signals that the body has had enough [food].

Leptin resistance causes the inability of our body to send the right signals to our brain and because of these messed up cues, it doesn’t deliver the correct signals if either we stop eating or continue munching.

LeptoConnect comes into the picture by eradicating leptin resistance without inflicting any problems to our body.

It is said to have “natural and powerful” ingredients that work effectively that will give you a “brand-new” level of energy, maintains healthy blood sugar, lower blood cholesterol, and gives you the ability to control hunger.

In other words, LeptoConnect helps us put a stop to these neverending, unnecessary cravings that will probably cost us a lot more sooner than we may have anticipated.

Getting enough nutrients for our body should always be our top priority to keep us in good shape, but also to keep us being REAL healthy on the side.

Sam Hansen, the creator, may have been experiencing the same predicament some of us are going through, hence the LeptoConnect supplement.

Should we thank him for it yet?

What are the Components of The Product?

LeptoConnect capsules are made of an ancient blend of 3 natural ingredients. All three are considered therapeutic, holy mushrooms.

  • Maitake (“King of Mushrooms“)

Prevents the accumulation of fats in the body. Instead of storing these excess fats, Maitake burns them.

  • Shiitake (“Wild Black Mushroom“)

This activates and influences the food/dietary receptors, improves brain tissue, and increases good cholesterol levels.

  • Reishi (“Chief/Supreme Protector“)

Supports the brain receptors and emotional and mental health.

Additional Ingredients:
  • Graviola Leaves (“Brazilian Pow-pow“)

Comes from a small evergreen tree. Rich in antioxidants.

  • Pygeum Africanum (The African Cherry)

A small fruit containing special phytosterols; nutrients that improve intercellular communication that helps the leptin “satiety” signals. It is believed to further support libido levels.

More Enhancers:

These following magnifiers are said to double the effect when combined with the mushrooms:

  • Red Raspberries

Full of powerful antioxidants that support good overall health.

  • Cat’s Claw (Uncaria Tomentosa)

A tropical vine used in herbalism for a variety of ailments. Considered a dietary supplement. Promotes a healthy digestive system.

  • Saw Palmetto (Serenoa Repens)

A type of palm native that has several health benefits such as: prevents hair loss, improves urinary tract function, supports prostate health, decreased inflammation, and regulates testosterone levels.

  • Vitamin B6– for glowing and healthy-looking skin
  • Vitamin E– promotes good eyesight, healthy skin, and strong nails
  • Zinc– promotes a healthy immune system and hormonal balances
  • Copper– maintains healthy bones, blood vessels, nerves, and immune function.


Green Tea

You probably know this one since green tea is a hella popular beverage that has been proven and tested works in helping the body lose some unnecessary fats.

Not only that, but green tea also has a lot of other benefits. To know some of those perks, feel free to check this writeup from Healthline.

Who is LeptoConnect For?

You might be hoping to hear from us how this product is for everyone. Well, truth be told, this isn’t for everyone.

From what we’ve provided you so far, we assume that you have already somehow got the answer to that big question…

Fundamentally, pills like Lepto Connect were made for anyone who wants to lose some extra pounds for good.

The only people not liable to take these pills are, of course, children under 18 years of age, and pregnant or lactating women. However, it’s always necessary to consult your physicians before taking on a new diet involving pills and/or capsules.

Any Side Effects?

According to the testimonials from users of LeptoConnect, they never mentioned any side effects while using the product.

It is safe to take and approved by FDA and GMP, following clean, sterile, strict, and precise guidelines.

LeptoConnect supplement capsules are non-GMO and 100% safe. They do not contain any harmful chemicals or stimulants.

But, before we go on…

We just wanted to back up a little and state a quick disclaimer: We are not, in any possible way a physician or some sort of diet gurus. This review is only from our points of view and whatever you decide later on will solely upon you.

All of these are just our opinions, but our top priority is to help you- if that sounds cool to you, of course.

I hope we’re clear about that.


How Much is LeptoConnect?

LeptoConnect is only up for grabs on the official sales website. It is safer that way than to purchase from what seems like fraud (re)sellers.

We are not, in any possible manner, demeaning people who sell online, but when it comes to consumptions like this, it is way safer to just obtain any goods from the official seller (website).

There are 3 desirable packages the sales page offers, with a surprisingly free bonus(es). These are:

colon cleanser special free bonus

  • The Basic1 Bottle for $69 (FREE SHIPPING)the basic package plus bonus
  • Best Value6 Bottles for $49 each [bottle] with 2 free bonuses (FREE SHIPPING) = A TOTAL OF $294best value package leptoconnect
  • Most Popular3 Bottles for $59 each [bottle] with 1 free bonus (also FREE SHIPPING) = A TOTAL OF $177most popular package plus bonus

Pros and Cons


  • It includes 100% organic, all-natural ingredients
  • It doesn’t include any chemicals or stimulants
  • Approved and recommended by experts
  • Non-GMO, safe to consume
  • Converts excess fats into useable energy to keep the body and mind active
  • A powerful alternative for diet and workout plans
  • Cheap price
  • 60-day money-back guaranteed60-day money-back guarantee


  • Can only be purchased online
  • Needs patience and determination to see actual results.
  • Need to be consumed consistently.

Is LeptoConnect a Scam?

We do not condone any kind of fraudulent activity on our page. EVER.

When we make reviews such as this, we always see to it that we only provide you with our best interest at heart. That includes the step of getting to know the product first before finalizing it as a “content“, thus making sure we only write about legitimate products.

That being said, we do not believe even one bit that LeptoConnect is a scam. There are testimonials and feedback (positive ones) from real people who have already tried the pills.

Apart from that, the company offers an ironclad– a 60-day moneyback guarantee for anyone who might not like the results after some time.

We may have sounded a little biased there, but it’s the truth. We always want to keep it real with y’all so you can trust us like we’re your virtual bestie. Is it too much to ask? 🥺

Final Say

In the light of all of this, we just wanted to say that we are truly grateful, and no, this isn’t toxic positivity.

We are grateful for the gift of life and health.

We vowed to promote positivity and honesty all the time...

So, if you ever happen to want something so bad, whatever it is, come what may, you should always go and get it.

May it be the latest phone, PlayStation, or you want to change something on your body, or even the stuff nobody wants. JUST GET IT. This is us being positive.

But… if getting your dreams means hurting or stomping on anyone, then that dream is not worth fighting for- now, this is us being honest.

Know that we are all for self-expression and having good health. If purchasing supplements like LeptoConnect is a key to you having the best days of your life, then, by all means, add that thing to your cart!

But then again, you should know that along with taking supplements, we should be a little conscious of the other things we consume. We can’t fully rely on a capsule and expect fantastic results without having to sweat a little.how to be healthy

That is all for now, friends! As always, if you have something to tell about the product, your experiences, suggestions, comments, or even complaints (heck), feel free to bring ’em in! 🙂

Until the next time…

Oh, real quick! Do you have any suggestions for our next product review? Comment down!

See ya! 😉

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