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The Lost Book of Remedies Review

Have you ever wondered if those undesirable plants that persistently grow in your garden have any use at all? Normally, our first impulse is to weed them out as they only compete for soil nutrients and impair the productivity of cultivated crops.

But not so fast.

Some of them might have useful purposes. You may never know, a few of them may actually numb your pain or stop your bleeding in just a few minutes, while others may safely lower your cholesterol or stabilize your sugar levels.

Mother Nature has a lot to offer when it comes to treating common ailments or even curing debilitating diseases. Sadly, we ignore them because we have grown accustomed to using over-the-counter medicines or prescription drugs.

What is really awful is that these medicines can be detrimental to your health.  According to  Peter C Gøtzsche, co-founder of the reputed Cochrane Collaboration, prescribed medication is the third most common cause of death in the world next to heart disease and cancer. This is because non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) often cause serious complications, such as bleeding stomach ulcers and myocardial infarction, which may lead to one’s death. As Peter Gøtzsche said, the huge death toll could have been easily prevented if those drugs were not taken at all.

As we all know, modern medicine treats various illnesses and diseases and the results are undeniably fast and effective.  But even the advances in medical treatment do not have a cure-all.

Some may only relieve the symptoms but do not cure the root cause. Moreover, conventional medicine may deplete your finances in the long run due to all the expensive medications that you have to take.

However, there’s another path to healing that does not make you spend a lot of money on medical treatments or experience the nasty side effects of prescribed medications.

Just look around you because nature has bountiful blessings to offer. You may not realize it, but the unwanted weeds from your backyard might be the miracle plant you are looking for.

But how will you know?

Perhaps The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies can help. It is a guidebook that will aid you in identifying common plants and trees that can treat a variety of illnesses, diseases, symptoms, conditions, and other health concerns.

Before you purchase it straight away, let me share my honest review about this book, what you need to know about its contents, who the authors are, what are the benefits you can derive from this book, what are the upsides and downsides of the book, and whether or not it is worth buying it, or it is just another scam to watch out for.

So let’s jump right in.

What exactly is The Lost Book of Remedies?

Contents of the Book

The Lost Book of Remedies is a 300-page, comprehensive book of natural remedies. It contains detailed information about the different plants, herbs, and trees that are said to have medicinal value (treats various ailments, symptoms, and other health issues) and practical benefits (can be used as tourniquets, bandages, or patches, applied topically, cooked, or eaten as it is).

The Book introduces those plants that are commonly found in your yard and those that are found in the prairie or forest lands, so it is good to know what these plants are, for what purposes they are used, which of them are edible, and which plants to avoid.

The Book further provides a step by step procedure on how to prepare the recipes for your own poultices, tonics, tea, or food using these plants, and how to grow them so you’ll have a “backyard pharmacy” of your own.

So if you don’t have any knowledge about alternative treatment for various health conditions, then this book comes in handy as it introduces you to the wonders of natural remedies.

What’s Included in this Book?

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies contains valuable information about medicinal plants, herbs, shrubs, flowers, and trees that are found globally, their treatments, uses, and preparation. The book also includes color images of each plant and easy to follow instructions on identifying, harvesting, and using the plant as well as preserving them for future consumption.

Uses of Herbal Remedies

The book is divided into five parts:

  1. The first part is the “Backyard Weeds” chapter where you’ll get acquainted with the “medicines” you’re growing around your backyard without realizing it. One example is the Marshmallow plant, which has powerful antiviral properties hidden in its roots.
  2. The second part is dedicated to wild edibles and remedies from plants available in forests. So when you go out foraging you’ll know which plants can be eaten and which are poisonous.
  3. The third part introduces you to the wild edibles’ identification and backyard medicines that grow especially in the prairie, like the Boneset, Cowboy’s Toilet Paper, and Wolly’s Lamb Ear, to name a few.
  4. The fourth part comprises all medicinal and edible trees in North America, wherein every portion of a tree from the leaves, inner barks, and down to its roots have beneficial uses.
  5. The last chapter contains the common folk remedies that our grandparents used for illness, some of which are common household items like spices or baking soda.

The Lost Book has an index with medicinal plants, so it would be a lot easier to navigate what plants you can harvest and use wherever you are. It also has a separate index with diseases and afflictions, so you can search for the illness and the corresponding treatment with ease.  It also comes with alphabetized appendices for easy reference.

The updated version, The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies, was written by Dr. Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis, both of whom you will get to know later in this review. This book is available in the digital and printed copy, and both can be bought at the price of $37 (original cost was $99).

If you were to avail of the digital product, you can access it immediately after payment. On the other hand, if you will purchase the physical product, you’ll have to pay for the shipping and handling fee in the amount of $8.99.

Additionally, when you buy the book directly from the official website, you’ll get 2 free books, namely:

Bonus eBooks

  • “An Excellent 80 Square-Feet: SHTF MEDICINAL GARDEN” book worth $30 to assist you in developing a garden and cultivating herbs; and
  • Everyday Disaster Medicine Guidebook” book worth $30 to teach you some survivalist skills that you can put to good use in case of emergency.

 Who Authored the Book?

Dr. Nicole Apelian

Claude Davis and Dr. Nicole Apelian, the authors of this book, are both experts in their own right. Claude is an expert survivalist while his co-author, Dr. Nicole is a certified biologist, herbalist, and anthropologist who took her undergraduate degree in McGill University, Master’s degree in the University of Oregon, and Ph.D. in Prescott College, Arizona.

At a young age, Claude Davis learned about natural remedies from his grandfather who served as a medic during World War II, and who used herbal medicines to treat many wounded soldiers during that time. He refined his grandfather’s collection of “lost remedies” and put them together into a handbook that is now called The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.

Dr. Nicole with the natives

Likewise, Nicole Apelian is a serious advocate of holistic remedies. She once lived in San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert to study plants and created powerful remedies out of these plants that she shared with people who have health concerns and who want to live a healthier life.

In 2000, she suffered from a life-threatening illness, multiple sclerosis, which propelled her to research the best possible alternative treatments to cure her illness.

In 2015, she was featured in the History Channel’s TV show “Alone”, and despite her illness, she went on to survive for 57 days straight on her own in a secluded area of Vancouver Island with nothing but a hunting knife and the food and medicine that she found in the wild.

That is how she came across Claude Davis’s book and started to live well again.  Soon they collaborated to create a more advanced version of the book, which is The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies.

How Does This Book Help?

The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies has everything you need to know about natural remedies using the plants, herbs, and trees that you can find around you. The medicinal plants included in the book do not only treat the symptoms but targets the very core that causes the disease or illness, so using them helps you to naturally recover from the illness and makes your immune system more durable.

Unlike the synthetic drugs that we often use today, the herbal medicines found in this book are 100% natural and medically proven without any risk.

This book does not offer a “one size fits all” remedy. So if ever you have common colds or flu, there are several remedies in the book that you can try to alleviate it. You simply have to choose the one that works best for you.

This book can also be your ultimate guide in the event of a survival situation. So if ever you’re hiking and get lost in the woods, you’ll know which plants are safe for you to consume if needed.

There are several more benefits that you can derive from this Book, especially for treating patients with chronic or serious diseases such as cancer, heart ailments, and many more.

Pros and Cons

I’d like to say that this book is a perfect companion for those who are looking for alternatives to conventional medicines, and here’s why:

  • The book is loaded with useful information about which plants to harvest or use for a certain illness or disease, so you can always refer to it as the need arises.
  • It promotes natural healing and a healthy lifestyle.
  • It may take a while to fully recover using herbal remedies, but it will be all worth it.
  • It will also help you get rid of all the harmful toxins from your body.
  • It provides step by step guide on how to prepare your homegrown remedies.
  • You become self-sufficient as you learn how to use natural plants and make concoctions out of these plants.
  • It also teaches you how to grow your own backyard of natural medicines.
  • You will learn to appreciate the effects of herbal medicines once you have used them.
  • You save yourself from the serious side effects of chemical-based medicines.
  • The guidebook also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk in buying it.

On the other hand, here are some reasons that will make you think twice in buying the product:

  • Making remedies at home can be a little taxing; you have to make them with care to get the right dose and mixture and have to be really patient in doing so.
  • When making concoctions, the smell it releases may be discouraging.
  • Some plants in this book are not accessible as they can be found only in the prairie or forests, so some of the information seen in this book might not be practical for city dwellers.
  • With over 300 pages, the amount of information in this book can be overwhelming to some people.
  • There’s no audiobook for this guide, so those who dislike reading will not be too pleased.
  • The book is a little pricey as compared to the alternatives.

Is The Lost Book of Remedies a Scam?

No, it is not a scam. It is perfectly legit and all the information within the book is backed by medical science.  The authors of the book, Claude Davis and Dr. Nicole Apelian are trustworthy people who are renowned experts in their respective fields.

Besides, the sales video found on its official site had Dr. Nicole, the co-author, talk about the product. Very seldom do we see product creators do this on their official website, so having one of the co-authors speak about the book makes her a credible authority.

Any good reviews about this book?

customer reviews

If you happen to search for customer reviews about the product, you can see there are more positive than negative reviews about it. Some consider it a gem and a valuable reference for every family. Others consider it a treasure trove of knowledge.

I would say there is more to this book than meets the eye. This book will be your guide in achieving optimal health without spending a lot of cash on costly medications.

Final Say

We cannot afford to neglect our overall health during this time. Taking good care of our well being should be our topmost priority right now.

While there are chemical-based medicines to rely on, it is still important to take something that has no adverse reactions to your body.

Also, despite the medical breakthroughs that help treat any illness or disease more efficiently, it still pays to enrich ourselves with knowledge about traditional remedies that have been practiced around the world for hundreds or thousands of years.

The Lost Book of Remedies will help you gain such knowledge. Packed with a lot of medical information, it is definitely a must-have item in every home, school, hospital, and anywhere else.

Are you convinced enough to buy this book? Let me know your thoughts


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