One and Done Workout REVIEWED- by a Real Fitness Freak

My Review for One and Done Workout Training

Adulting is one of the things people tend to be scared of…

As we get older, our metabolism gets slower and we become prone to temptations that are unhealthy and designed to not help us at all, such as: eating less healthy, sitting a lot (some because of a profession, and that’s acceptable), and the saddest of all- to neglect our body, our overall health.

We know that many of us, at some point in our lives, have resorted to drinking and/or taking pills and juices that promise to help us lose excess body fats without having the need to do anything. Some products do their jobs, some don’t.

Nope. This review isn’t about pills whatsoever. It’s quite the contrary, actually. We’re here to help you get to know this new program we have recently laid our eyes on.

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Since we’ve been on quarantine for quite some time now, a lot of workout enthusiasts have used their precious time in helping people make good use of the situation.

Does shorter workout really pays off

Some of them you can actually see on your Instagram feed sharing workout routine videos, smoothie recipes, low-carb diet food recipes, etc. It’s really quite thoughtful that apart from being health advocates, they also get to educate people by sharing actual exercises that their followers can be a part of.

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However, transitioning from being a couch potato to a full-time health enthusiast is such a big and challenging leap. It requires attention and dedication not to mention the time you need to lose and gain.

The fact that working out helps improve someone’s mood, it is also vital for our immune system. According to Harvard Health, the secret to better health is, in fact, through exercising. You can read more about it here.

And….. because of this, some of the fitness specialists have created something that will make couch potatoes get up and do the bare minimum.

In this review article, we will walk you through this new program we have recently discovered called “One and Done Workout“. Is it really effective? We will know as we go on. Ready? 🙂

What is One and Done Workout?

One and Done Workout Package

The One and Done Workout is a 7-minute “done-for-you” workout plan by Meredith Shirk. It’s a program that will assist you in getting the desired body you’ve always wanted.

7-minute is needed to transform your body

But, hey, hold up. We do not, in any way, condone and/or promote body-shaming. We’re here to help people gain the confidence society had taken from them.

Remember that all shapes and sizes are beautiful, but let’s face it, there are people who want to improve the ones that they have been gifted with, and whether you’re with us or not, we are all for self-expression.

Moving on…

The program utilizes a revolutionary training technique called Sprint Interval Training or S.I.T. A lot of fitness enthusiasts swore that SIT is actually way better than HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)- the most common workout technique used by many.

HIIT involves short bursts of high intensity with periods of medium intensity between to recover from intense exertion; SIT on the other hand is very similar to HIIT, but less time-consuming. It involves intense exertion but shorter periods followed by longer recovery periods.

Now that you know how the two differ from each other, let’s now continue with One and Done Workout

This program takes the benefits of HIIT and compressed them into faster and safer exercises (SIT) giving the users the benefit of a 45-minute workout in just 7 minutes. How rad does that sound?!? Right?

According to Meredith Shirk, HIIT workouts are “jarring and damaging” to the body. Hence, making this program to reduce the time people consume in HIIT, when, in fact, they could use those free times in SIT instead. Did we get it right?

What’s Inside The Program?

As claimed by the creator, Meredith Shirk, all one needs is 7 minutes to complete the exercises needed to start the fitness journey.

Get fit in a few minutes

The goal of One and Done is to help people change their unhealthy lifestyles that might lead to potential diseases. It helps how to activate the natural metabolic multipliers giving one the ability to get the benefits of a 45-minute exercise in 7 minutes.

In fact, it is said to be proven more effective than 45 minutes of regular exercise that is also applicable for all shapes, sizes, and ages.

What’s even more exciting about this program is that it’s something you can do in the comfort of your home. You can lose those extra body fats without even leaving your kids playing around the house.

For only $29, you can have these benefits:

  • 14 days of follow-along S.I.T workout synergy
  • Detailed “demo” videos to guarantee desired body form
  • In-depth exercises combinations
  • Exclusive “Members ONLY” dashboard
  • Bonus #1: 10-day “done-for-you” keto restoration
  • Bonus #2: 101-Detoxifying smoothie recipes

The One and Done is designed for all ages and activeness level. If one is not as young and active as they used to be, they will still be able to do the training to build up their endurance over time.

If the user is a little overweight or hasn’t worked out in a while, there is no problem at all as S.I.T combinations are designed to help one get up-to-speed in the shortest time possible.

is SIT effective

Meredith provides videos on how to adjust each workout depends on the user’s level of expertise, past injuries, hormonal imbalances, and even health conditions such as heart problems. Literally, everyone is welcome to try this program.

Apart from it can be done at home, you don’t need any weights and/or equipment to do the training. Just your own body weight, an exercise mat in the comfort of your living room, or at the backyard, then you’re good to go! 😉

Who’s Behind The Program?

Svelte Founder Meredith


Meredith Shirk is a certified personal trainer and weight loss and fitness connoisseur who designed the One and Done Workout program. She’s driven to help other people achieve their dream weight and body for an extra boost of confidence.

She had drug abuse in the past despite the fact that she has a great family that cares a lot about her. Her loved ones finally stepped in and took the initiative to help her get sober.

Meredith is now happily married to a wonderful man who she claimed to be the “savior” of her heart and life and is now 11 years sober. Hooray!

Meredith Shirk and her child

Svelte Training was founded by her and she also has been employed by lots of fitness brands to represent their advocacies.

Meredith has found that the key to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle and weight doesn’t have to do with age, fitness level, or past injuries, but rather a unique set of movements and exercise combinations.

Other than her ventures above, she also has a Youtube channel with almost 90K subscribers where she uploads workout videos that are worth checking out for!

Who is Meredith Shirk

Programs by Svelte Training:

1. One and DoneOne and Done Svelte Program

  • 1-minute workouts that burn fat and build lean muscle
  • Revolutionary S.I.T training making it easy for beginners and hard for advanced users

2. VIP Transformation GroupVIP Transformation Group Program

  • 6 weeks done-for-you nutrition
  • 6 weeks of follow-along workouts
  • 6 weeks of mindset coaching
  • 6 weeks of accountability and stats tracking

3. Wake Up LeanWake Up Lean Svelte Program

  • Helps you lose a few pounds in a few days
  • Improves skin’s texture and tone
  • Gets rid of bloating, indigestion and excess body fats

Pros and Cons…


  • Achieve better endurance and flexibility
  • Boost your confidence
  • Reduce calories
  • Exercise at the comfort of your home
  • Created by a trusted specialist
  • The pieces of training are downloadable
  • Portable sets of exercises
  • 60-day no-questions-asked moneyback guarantee60-day moneyback guarantee


  • You can’t easily get ahold of their customer service
  • The program is only available in eBooks and videos; no physical products

Is One and Done Workout a Scam?

Hey, it isn’t! It actually works and has reviews that can attest to the effectiveness of the program. Just because one has to pay for something other people think should be “free“, doesn’t mean it’s a fraud.

I think people should worry more about free stuff. Those are the ones that sound fishy. Right?

Anyhoo, we’re not trying to force you into purchasing the program. In fact, you can search for alternatives on Google that are completely free. There are phone applications that you can download directly from the app store that offers the same training and workouts.

If you’re skeptical about the program, there is the 60-day moneyback guarantee that you can make use of, so I guess, there is no need for it to be labeled as “scam” since there’s nothing you can lose anyway. Is that right?


Whatever you decide to buy and/or change about yourself to help you gain the confidence this society has killed, then, by all means, DO IT.

There is literally nothing wrong with improving one’s appearance if that is what’s going to make them feel happy and content. We should be in no position to tell other people how to live their lives otherwise.

— Update: Here’s your link to ENTER the One & Done Workout PROGRAM in the cheapest way possible 🙂

Normalize being happy with one’s success and decisions. It wouldn’t kill to just support them and make them feel wanted. If they decide to live their lives with whatever they currently have, support them. If they want to change or develop something about them, let them have it. After all, it’s their body and their life, not ours. Right? 🙂

We’re all for self-expression, and that means whatever you, our readers choose to go for, we are right behind you cheering you on. We’re here to deliver you the best content, but we also value you and your choices.

Well, think we’re done on this one. If we’ve missed a few details about the One and Done Workout training, please make your way to the comment sections and we will compromise.

Have a healthy and happy life! 🙂


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