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review for the lost ways


Since we’re all in this together, let us ask you a question- what would you do if a sudden outburst of nature arises?

Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, storms, and other processes all cause great damage and losses on our part.

The sad bit is, no one is ever going to be “ready” for these disasters. We have to step up and think of the worst possible turn of events- the time when SHTF (stuff hits the fan).

But hey, survival is what our folks 150 years ago called “daily life“. If you’re a millennial or a gen z, you’re probably used to all these gadgets and modern world that our ancestors weren’t even familiar with hundreds of years ago.

Everything has been made beyond easy for us. Everything we need is just within reach. Aren’t we lucky?

In this review article, we are going to walk you through this survival kit (book) from a survival expert, and at the end of this post, we’d want you to list down all the things you’re excited to try out.


The Lost Ways- What Is It About?

how can you survive disasters
The Lost Ways is a 432-page survival book with all the necessary survival tips made and compiled by the author Claude Davis.

This book aims to help people prepare for the worst possible case scenario. It tackles how one should do when all the resources we are used to having suddenly are of no use at all.

No electrical power, no refrigerator to stock your food with, no TV or computers, no grocery stores, and heck, not even internet to search for recipes whatsoever!

The question is, are we ready for this? If your answer is no, well, then that is why you’re here, is that right?

This survival book prepares one to deal with the worst possible outcome with a minimum amount of resources just like how our predecessors lived their lives, equipping us to somehow survive natural calamities and whatnot.

The Lost Ways is a “far-reaching” book with chapters varying from simple things like making “tasty bark-bread-like” people did, to building a traditional backyard meathouse/smokehouse, and a lot more.

How Does it Work?

This program and/or book basically shows us the steps and techniques on how to survive different natural calamities without the resources we’re used to having.

Given that our ancestors were way more resourceful than today’s mankind, this book is such of help in restoring those methods into life. Remember, everything that we have can be taken away from us in just a blink of an eye.

It’s quite practical if we have some knowledge useful in situations where we have to really go out there to find alternatives for our immediate basic needs.

Preparing food without the help of a stove, or start a fire without matches or even a lighter- those basic chores our forefathers did back in the days can be done very easily now with the help of this e-Book.

What’s Inside The System?

the lost ways book
Once you get access to The Lost Ways program, you will get to know the different tips and tactics that our “troops” and ancestors were using back in their era.

We’re pretty positive other reviews about this book have already told you about what’s inside, but we will still provide you with the information we’ve gathered regardless. Bleh. 😝

According to the sales page, here is a “glimpse” of what you will find inside the survival book:

  • It will show you how to make another “superfood” that even George Washington ate on several occasions. Anyone can make it “under 10 minutes”. Hmmm
  • You will discover the other 25 survival foods that we’ve already lost to history.
  • You will find out the techniques and methods used by the wise sheriffs from the frontiers “to defend an entire village“.sheriff texas john slaughter
  • You will learn how to never run out of ammo. Like, for what, exactly? Ohhh, for hunting?
  • Master “The Art of Poultice“.
  • You’ll learn how to build a subterranean roundhouse.
  • Learn how to make Pemmican.
  • How to survive the aftermath of natural disasters.
  • Discover the lost remedies used by our ancestors for to grow wild lettuce

And a lot mooooore….

You will basically learn how to be a native human being doing normal, native things our people back in the days did to survive daily lives.

How Much is The Program?add to cart for $37

You can purchase The Lost Ways survival kit for only $37 plus free bonuses! Check below:

  • Digital Product ($37)digital product
  • Physical Product ($37 + $8.99 shipping and handling fee)physical product
  • Digital + Physical Product ($37 + $8.99 shipping and handling fee)physical plus digital product

3 Exclusive Bonuses:

  • “What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard”what every survivalist should grow

A special report containing the most nutritious and toughest plants that one should start growing so they will never run out of food ever again. You will find instructions on how to plant, grow, harvest, and store them.

  • “How to Outlive an EMP the Early Pioneer Way”how to outlive an EMP

A day-by-day guide that shows what to do after an EMP every day for 30 days, using The Lost Ways book. You will learn the 10 things that you should do on day one, what to make on the second day, and so on until day 30.

  • “A Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System”guide to building can rotation

A cool and efficient can rotation system for 700 cans with pictures to guide you on how to build it.

Good enough? Let’s take a look at the man behind this successful book…

About The Author

Who is Claude Davis?who is claude davis

Claude is an American writer and a survival expert. He discovered the secrets of our ancestors by studying ancient and endurance tactics.

Due to the extreme hunger to unravel the ways of our great-grandparents, Claude decided to compile these lost skills and methods into a book, hence The Lost Ways.

Although he did not write most of the techniques mentioned in the book, the idea meant well.

He paid experts and/or professional writers for their time and eventually got what he wanted- THIS BOOK.

Claude Davis seems like he’s dedicated his entire life to serving other people, consequently making the website AskAPrepper which the goal is to help others learn something new every single day.

Apart from The Lost Ways, he’s also written some survival books that aim to help and prepare people for the worst-case scenarios, like The Lost Ways 2, The Lost Book of Herbal Remedies, Deadly Virus, The Lost Foods, and a lot more.

To watch some videos made by Claude, feel free to check his Youtube channel. He goes by the name Claude Nelson and he uploads methods and how-to videos there.

Pros and Cons


  • Available to both digital and physical versions
  • Helps you prepare for unforeseen disasters
  • Teaches one how to be self-reliant
  • Easy to understand tips
  • Practical information
  • The tips and tricks can be applied in many situations
  • Includes beneficial bonuses
  • 24/7 support for a year
  • An ironclad- 60-day moneyback guarantee60-day money-back guaranteed


  • It doesn’t come with audio or video guides
  • No immediate results. You must put in the work to see outcomes.
  • You need to spend time to learn all the methods

Is The Lost Ways a Scam?

Well, what did the other reviews say about it?

If you’re here, we’re guessing it’s because you’re still collecting opinions so you’ll have some plausible decision after some reading. Did we get it right?

Thank you, if you’re still here and haven’t given up on us just yet. Again, as what we always vowed since day one- we are not here to push you into getting something unless your heart is all for it.

We believe that The Lost Ways is not a scam.

Some reviews might tell you otherwise, but we honestly can’t do anything about that. But since you’re here on our website, you have to deal with our opinion.

Claude is being kind by imparting us the knowledge of learning the survival methods that we’ll never know we might need in the future. It’s better to be safe and prepared than unready and sorry.

If you have already purchased the book without even reading about it online, or if you happen to not like what it contains, then you’re free to return the book as it is moneyback guaranteed. No sweat.

There are fake testimonials circulating the web, but it’s genuinely safe to test it out yourself than be fooled by other’s opinions of the product.

Final Say

To wrap this up, we hope you’ll have the clarity that you’re aiming for. We want that for you, too.

Cataclysms are just around the corner. Think about this pandemic the whole world is undergoing. It has put a lot of lives in danger, and it’s really sad that we were not prepared enough for it.

Anyway, that’s a whole different story there, but you get it. Surviving should be on everyone’s top priority list. However, and sadly, we can’t just shove it in other people’s faces.

We just have to wait until we experience it all for us to actually scramble for our lives. That’s what people are designed to act, grievously.

Anyhow, we hope you let us know whatever it is that you decide to do- if you still want to purchase The Lost Ways, we’re happy. If you decide to not get it, ever, we’re all in.

That’s it for today, folks. We’re happy that you stayed with us until this far down. It is always a pleasure serving you with helpful reviews to help you with whatever.

‘Til next time! 🙂


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