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review for vert shock

Are you a basketball player in the making?

A dunker maybe?

Have you ever thought of being a professional one?

If you have, I think this will be good news for you.

I have here a program I’ve just recently discovered called “Vert Shock“.

Oh no, it’s not meant to electrocute you or somethin’, LOL

Don’t be thrown off by the name, okay? Just hear me out on this one.

Before I continue with the review, let me ask you something: do you know what elastic fibers mean?

Elastic Fibers

Without going into the deepest part of Science, elastic fibers are the muscle fibers that turn your legs into a “rubber band“.

Its essential function is to provide flexibility and resilience to our tissues.

With this system that we’re going to look at today, it trains and strengthens the elastic fibers to increase your maximum vertical.

If you’re a dunker, let alone an athlete, you should know that strengthening these so-called fibers will help you get to the top.

That’s quite the literal, actually.

You get it.

Anyway, several specific studies confirm that elastic fibers are the only way to increase your hops/jumps/dunk.

For further details about elastic fibers, you can check this article out.

In today’s review article, I will show you what Vert Shock is and what the hype is about.

Get your knee pads, and let’s hit it.

Disclaimer, though. Everything I’m going to provide you with is nothing but my honest opinion about the program.

I hope I’m making myself clear on this. Whatever you might have seen on other people’s reviews will never affect mine.

Thank you, and let us move on. πŸ™‚

Vert Shock- What Is It About?

vert shock products
Vert Shock (Β is a system designed to target your ultimate jump by activating your elastic fibers.

It was a Russian workout program put together to create a “one-stop” course for anyone who wants to better their dunking game.

During the 60s, a Russian sports scientist named Dr. Verhoshansky uncovered the magic behind training elastic fibers.

He developed the “shock method” to give the Soviet Union an unfair advantage in the Olympic high jump.

He implemented workouts that targeted these elastic fibers that he instantly noticed real results in the athlete’s vertical jump.

To cut the story short, the Russians eventually dominated the high jump with the said method.

Going back to the now, the creator of the program has put the method the Russian scientist applied during the day, and turned those learnings into this powerful system.

It claims to be the “only workout plan that works” and guarantees you a dunk in less than 8 weeks.

Are you buying this?


How Does it Work?

It works, of course, by rewiring your elastic fibers through an intensive 8-week body weight workout routine.

But the question is: what do you need to achieve it?

Well, Vert Shock specifically said that they don’t require any equipment, it’s a done-for-you system that you can be done at home.

See what I did there?

It’s not only the most effective way of increasing your vertical, but it’s also the safest.

That’s according to the sales page.

You don’t need to do any heavy weight lifting with this program, so it wouldn’t stunt your growth.

The system believes that weights alone will not strengthen the elastic fibers. There are steps in order to do the method effectively.

I will get to those steps in the next section.

What’s Included In the Program?

In this section, I will provide you everything that you can see once you’re inside.

I’ve mentioned in the previous section that there are 3 phases to strengthening your elastic fibers.

These phases are:

  • STEP 1: The Pre-Shock Phasethe pre-shock phase

This phase will introduce your body to to the unique movement patterns and exercises of the program.

Everything that will be introduced to you is centered around unique jumping exercises combined with precise sets and reps.

The first phase is designed to get your body “ready to fly”.

You will need to train 4 days/week for 30 mins/session.

  • STEP 2: The Shock Phasethe shock phase

The second phase is designed to really push your limits.

This is where the “shocking” comes in as it shocks your body into jumping higher and higher than you ever thought possible.

Each of your movements will carefully target those neglected “rubber fibers”.

In this phase, you will only train 3 days/week for 40 mins/session.

After the whole 6 weeks, you are guaranteed to be leaping higher than all your friends ever will.

  • STEP 3: The Post-Shock Phasethe post-shock phase

The final phase of the program is considered as the “icing on the top” and the most exciting part.

Everything your body has ever learned for the past weeks (from phases 1 & 2) becomes “cemented” in your muscle memory.

Your strengthened elastic fibers will make it feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your entire being.

Well, what do you think of its components? Are you satisfied so far?

Oh, do you think that’s all the program has got?

Wait ’til you see the FREE bonusessssss. *smirks & winks*

  • BONUS #1: The 4 Vertical Jump Killers ($17)the 4 vertical jump killers

You will discover how to “ditch the BS” that’s stealing your vertical jump power so that you can finally break free from feeling overlooked and underestimated… and a lot more.

  • BONUS #2: The 5 Dirty Secrets to Jumping Higher ($29)5 dirty secrets to jumping higher

Inside it are the 5 of the world’s best dunker’s “dirty secrets” to getting up there by any means necessary.

  • BONUS #3: Weekly Check-Ins ($49)weekly check-ins

A simple weekly email check-in system that increases your consistency to prevent you from having to rely on your willpower too much.

  • BONUS #4: The Jumper’s Diet Checklist ($19)jumpers diet checklist

A step-by-step checklist of food which serves as a “jump fuel” that can potentially help you maximize your jump.

  • BONUS #5: NBA Jump Secrets Revealed ($59)nba jump secret revealed

You will discover the secrets of professional players and how they do what they do. This is an exciting bonus, I must say!

Too much for bonuses? There’s moooooore….

  • BONUS #6: The Power Leak Fix for Overnight Hops ($25)power leak fix for overnight hops
  • BONUS #7:Olympic High Jump Hacks Revealed ($25)olympic high jump hacks revealed
  • BONUS #8: The Slingshot Secret to Instantly Jump Higher ($25)slingshot secret
  • BONUS #9: The Vert Shock Maintenance Program ($39)vertshock maintenance program
  • BONUS #10: The “Dunk Now” Visualization Program ($26)the dunk now
  • BONUS #11: The Vert Shock Vert Tracker Workbook ($17)vert tracker workbook
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Jump Like Justin System!!!!jump like justin

If you can see my face upon writing this, you will see what “shocked” looks like. LOL!

I mean, amazing product with amazing bonuses! The Justin Darlington’s system, though!

How Much Does it Cost?

If we’re talking about the cost individually, you will be billed over $330 (including everything!!)

The creator wanted for consumers to take advantage of his generosity, so he’s making it $138

But wait… he’s being such a sweetheart, so he offers the entire program (bonuses included) for only $67!


Would you look at that…

How nice this guy must be for putting up so much work & time into discovering and searching about this method and putting everything together only to bill his consumers so little??!?

I will not stall you anymore, I’m just as excited as you are.

So let me intorudce you to the amazing creator of Vert Shock.

The Creator- Adam Folker

who is adam folker
Adam Folker is a 6’9″ and a 225-pound giant who created Vert Shock.

He is a former UC Irvine NCAA player and a founder of several programs like THINCPRO and this program we’ve written about.

Adam grew up in a small town in Canada and went from playing 10 minutes his entire freshman season in highschool to leading the country in scoring during his senior year.

He went on to earn a full ride NCAA Division 1 scholarship to the Univesity of California Irvine and later played in the pros.adam folker in UC Irvine

He’s certainly had his highs and lows… a little too many lows, for that matter, but…

Long story short, he’s now beyond successful in his career doing different ventures.

He travels a lot and plays basketball alongside best players you can possibly imagine. The guy is a pro, alright.

He also inspires his other people to follow his dietary habits and workout hence the programs.

Adam wasn’t the only one who contributed to the birthing of, by the way…

If you ever came across the website, there is a particular guy the page uses to promote high jumps and dunks.

The guy was indeed a high jumper according to the photos.

I’ve also mentioned earlier about the “World’s Best Dunker“.

Without further ado, let’s get to know a little about the guy…

Justin “Jus Fly” Darlingtonjustin darlington

Justin Darlington also known as “Jus Fly” is the currengt holder of “World’s Highest Dunker”. I’m not just saying that.

The papers and people are.

Adam and Justin grew up together, and given the same interest, they have decided to team up to create such amazing program.

Justin is the face of the program, but Adam is the brain behind it.

Adam superficially said in the sales page that Justin had religiously used and mastered the vert Shock method.

If you want to read some more about Justin, here’s the link to one of the articles featuring Justin “The Dunk King” Darlington.

Are you as astonished as I am?

Most of the time, people who make programs are ordinary ones who just want to help other people.

But these guys are popular and doing good in life but still want to help others in need through their program.

I am officially astounded.



  • Great instruction videos
  • Simple and easy-to-follow
  • Wide variety of exercises
  • Detailed
  • Safe and effective
  • No equipment needed
  • No need to go to the gym
  • 60-day money-back guaranteedmoney-back guaranteed


  • Can be physically and mentally exhausting for some
  • Not for everyone (of course)
  • Might need a little more time to see results (for some)

Is It a Scam?

It is not a scam.

There, I’ve said it right away.not a scam

My Vert Shock review is an honest one, from my viewpoint.

I’ve read tons of reviews from other websites, but some were obviously favored for the sake of promotions, I guess.

As we’ve tackled just a minute ago, the creators are renowned pro players with names they must protect.

Why on earth would they want to be marked as scam for?

I sure sound so biased here, but whatever, I guess.

Let me be biased if that’s what “believing” sounds like to you.

Anyway, have you thought of purchasing the product despite other people’s reviews about it?

Let me know! πŸ™‚

Final Say

It’s a wrap, y’all!

I appreciate you for reading til to this part, really.

I hope I have contributed to your decisions regarding the program.

If wether or not you purchase, please know that we’re happy by just providing you input every now and again.

Although, I really am dying to know if you’re planning to get Vert Shock. Are you?

I was kidding, but hey, I do hope you could let us know how it turns out once you finally purchase it. Mmkay?

If you have products you want me to write about for you for future reviews, please let me know in the comments! πŸ™‚

Thanks and bye for now!


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