Yoga Burn QUICK REVIEW – What an awesome product but practical

Yoga Burn Review

Everyone knows the benefits of yoga, but very few people know where to start or what to do. You may have registered for yoga classes or even viewed some yoga videos on the poses to do, but the fact is that if you are not consistent with your poses, you might not realize all the benefits it claims to bring.

Because of the lack of enough knowledge on where to start or what to do, many people end up not benefiting from yoga as they had hoped to. And this has led to many saying that it is overly hyped.

To avoid falling into the same trap of doing yoga the wrong way, you need a practical guide to take you through different yoga poses. And explain to you the right way of doing these poses so that you can realize the benefits. One of the most popular yoga guides is Yoga Burn.

Authored by Zoe Bray, Yoga Burn provides step-by-step instructions on how to do yoga poses. These poses help with weight loss and, at the same time, boost metabolism.

This program is divided into three phases, namely- Foundation Flow phase, Transitional Flow phase, and Mystery Flow phase.

There are workout videos demonstrating the poses you should do in each of these phases, and the poses are meant to help you tone your body to burn excess body fat.

If you are interested in knowing more about this program, keep reading our Yoga Burn review.

Yoga Burn Overview

Geared more towards women, Yoga Burn is a weight loss program that is based on yoga workout. It compiles all the information you need to know about yoga poses that can help tone your body.  And at the same time, achieve your desired body shape.

yoga pose

A certified yoga trainer and instructor authored this program. Zoe Bray aimed to help women all over the world learn the right way to do yoga poses and use it to get the body of their dreams.

One of the things that makes Yoga burn stand out from other renowned yoga guide is the creative nature in which Zoe has presented the poses. These poses are sequentially organized in a way that they flow seamlessly. You will not experience any hitches when following this program.

The program comprises a series of videos and written guides that can be accessed online immediately after purchasing it. It comprises of distinct phases that break down different yoga poses you need to do. This makes the program easy to follow.

Who Is Zoe Bray?

Zoe Bray-Cotton

As we mentioned earlier, the brain behind the Yoga Burn program is Zoe Bray. She is a body transformation expert, certified yoga instructor, and personal trainer. Zoe has helped many people understand more about yoga and what it entails.

She is passionate about helping women achieve the body of their dreams through yoga and other fun exercises.

After seeing how people in her locality were coming to her for classes, she saw it wise to help people who could not physically access her benefit from her yoga lessons. This is why she began compiling information about yoga and integrating it into your routine, which is how Yoga Burn came to be created.

Zoe has over a decade of experience and has taught many yoga classes in studios and gyms across North America. She is known for simplifying yoga poses that even beginners can follow along.

She aims to help as many women as possible to get fit and achieve the body of their dreams through yoga.

How Does Yoga Burn Work?

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As we said earlier, this program is organized in phases. Zoe presents yoga poses in an easy-to-follow manner so that everyone can follow it and integrate yoga into their routine. The yoga poses are not intense but are very useful. Let’s briefly talk about the three phases;

Phase 1- Foundation Flow

This phase is more of an introduction to yoga- we can term it as a beginner guide to yoga. The workouts demonstrated in this phase are safer, simpler, and very easy to do.

Anyone, including those who have never done yoga before, can do the yoga poses explained in this phase. The workouts are aimed at helping you become flexible and also boost your metabolism considerably. After doing all the exercises presented here, you will notice that your body has become lighter and relaxed.

Phase 2- Transitional Flow Phase

In this phase, Zoe introduces you to new yoga poses that are more intense than those you did in the Foundation Flow phase.

As the name indicates, this phase focuses on helping you link the yoga poses explained in the Foundation Flow phase and those in the Mastery Flow phase.

The author assumes that you have now familiarized yourself with yoga’s basic poses, and now you can focus on poses that are meant to reduce stress in your life. Stress has been termed one of the significant causes of weight gain, and by reducing it, this program will have solved one of the underlying causes of weight gain.

Phase 3- Mastery Flow

This is the final phase of the Yoga Burn system and will help you learn how to combine the poses in the first phase and those in the transitional flow phase.

In other words, you are taught how to make the poses more intense to get more benefits (boost your metabolism and transform your body). Therefore, it is more of repeating the poses in the two phases but now in a more intense way so that the body can start developing lean muscles. This phase is meant to challenge you and is geared towards helping you transform your body.

What’s Inside In the Yoga Burn Program?

Yogaburn Fitness System Review

Yoga Burn comes in sets of videos that illustrate how different yoga poses should be done so that you can realize all the benefits of yoga, including weight loss, improved concentration, etc. The videos have exclusive exercises that are tailored as per Zoe’s experience and knowledge in teaching yoga.

Once you purchase the Yoga Burn program, you will be given the primary manual that comprises nine videos divided into three phases.

The videos illustrate the right way to do different yoga poses to achieve a fitter, flexible, healthier body. The videos are practical and help you do yoga poses as though you are in a yoga class with a teacher.

Overall, the guide is massive but efficient. You will not have a problem following the poses.

Bonus Resources

On top of those workout guides and videos, you’ll also be receiving freebies upon purchase.

yoga burn follow along

  • Yoga Burn Follow-Along Audio Classes – This is perfect for those who wanted to stay fit while traveling. These follow-along audios give you the flexibility to follow the program depending on your lifestyle.

As long as you have your smartphone and tablet available, you can enjoy the benefits of Yoga Burn wherever you are.

tranquility flow

  • Tranquility Flow – It includes a set of sequences and poses that acts as a reset button. This relieves the stress you have whether it be because of work or finance.

monthly yoga burn

  • Yoga Burn Monthly – These are special DVD series that concentrates on mastering major styles of Yoga. These series of videos also allows you to maximize the life-changing benefits yoga has to offer.

What Are the Benefits You Will Get By Purchasing Yoga Burn Program?

  • You will learn to do yoga the right way. This means that you will realize the many benefits yoga has to offer.
  • Because of the practical nature of the Yoga Burn, you’ll be motivated and excited to follow up on everything.
  • The program can easily be accessed using any device as it comes in a convenient digital format.
  • The poses illustrated in this program suit everyone- from beginners to pros, the program can benefit everyone.
  • The yoga poses demonstrated in this program have been proven to help you have a fitter, flexible body. This will help to improve your overall body physique.
  • In addition to having a fitter body, you will also get other benefits of yoga. This includes calmness of mind, reduced stress levels, better sleep, and much more.
  • A 60-day money-back guarantee backs yoga Burn. This enables you to request a refund if you’re not satisfied with the program.
  • It is affordable as compared to paying to attend real yoga classes in a yoga studio.
  • The yoga poses take a short time to complete. Meaning, you can easily integrate the program into your daily routine.

How Much Does It Cost?

cost of yoga burn

For a limited time offer, you can get instant access to Yoga Burn System for only $37. This includes a digital access for you to download and the physical collection.

But, if you wanted to make use of the program as gift, then you can buy two of Yoga Burn for only $57 instead of $194. You can get two copies of each together with the bonuses for you and your friend.

If in case you’re still unsure, don’t fret. This is because Yoga Burn offers a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days.

Final Thoughts- Is Yoga Burn Worth Buying?

The many Yoga Burn reviews posted on their official website show that the program does work. And it can help you achieve most of your weight loss goals, as well.

This program teaches you how to do yoga the right way to get a fitter, flexible body. You will systemically learn yoga since Zoe explains how to execute the poses.

In addition to helping you lose weight, this program also helps to have better concentration. Furthermore, it also allows you to relax better.

If you are looking for a fun and effective way of losing weight, then Yoga Burn is for you. Although results may be slower, they will be gradual.


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